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   Hotel Tashkonak   

Hotel Tashkonak

Kucuk Ayasofya Cd. Tomurcuk sk. no:5
Turkey  34400
Architectural Type:  1870
Established In:  1997
Renovated In:  2004
Phone: +90 (0)212-518-2882
Fax:  +90 (0)212-638-8491
Contact: Savas SERBEST
 Send An Email:
Single Occupant Rate Is: €40 - €80
Double Occupant Rate Is: €40 - €80
Additional Occupant Rate Is: €15
Twin Occupant Rate Is: €40 - €80
Accepted Payments: Cash, MasterCard, Visa
Deposit Amount Requested: 1 night's fee
Minimum Stay Is: 1 day
Check In Time Is: 1 PM
Check Out Time Is: 11 AM
Cancellation Policy: Reservations can be cancelled 3 days in advance. Otherwise, you will be responsible for paying 1 night's fee.

Welcome... Willkommen... ¡Bienvenido!... Benvenuto... Bienvenue... Welkom... Välkommen... Konichiwa...

A boutique hotel located in the historical center of Istanbul.

Hotel Tashkonak is just a short walk to the Byzantine and Ottoman Monuments such as famous Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, Hippodrome, Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace and Basilica Cistern.

Located inside a historic Istanbul townhouse, this family owned hotel endeavours to bring warm and homely touches to their 20 guest rooms and suites offering the most modern in-room technology, whilst retaining a traditional feel.

The hotel's dining room, where breakfast is served daily, is on the terrace with views of The Bosphorus and The Blue Mosque. The hotel's garden café dining area is a spacious, contemporary bar offering a wide choice of drinks and excellent food in a relaxing atmosphere. The friendly and helpful staff offers all guests a warm welcome and hospitality which makes the Taskonak one of the most charming Istanbul hotels.

Each morning, open buffet breakfast is served in the comfortable, panoramic and newly decorated terrace from 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM.

The hotel is well known for its high standard of service and the warmth of its hospitality in Istanbul.


Relaxing and well kept rooms are an important part of a busy travelers holiday. At the Hotel Tashkonak the rooms are clean and tastefully decorated. Comfortable beds provide quiet night sleeps. Hardwood floors and private ensuite bath and showers are available as well as the convenience of in-room air conditioning, TV, and minibar. Several of the rooms have balconies with lovely views of the garden and the sea. Whether in a single, double or in one of their spacious suites, daily in-room cleaning service provide fresh linens for their guests.

Rooms rates include breakfast and free transfer from the airport.

Double room, single use:

Double room for single occupancy, with queen size double bed, bathroom, TV with remote control, direct line telephone, air conditioning, and central heating (during winter).

Twin room, double use:

Twin room for double occupancy, with bathroom, TV with remote control, firect line telephone, air conditioning, and central heating (during winter).

Triple room:

Triple room with a queen size bed and a single bed and with bathroom, TV with remote control, direct line telephone, air conditioning, and central heating (during winter).

Suite room:

Room for three persons with a queen size bed and a single bed with connected rooms and balcony and with bathroom, TV with remote control, direct line telephone, air conditioning, and central heating (during winter).

Family room:

Family room for four persons, with a queen size bed and two single beds with connected rooms and with bathroom, TV with remote control, direct line telephone, air conditioning, and central heating (during winter).

Hotel Facilities:


As many amazing sites that there are to see in Istanbul, it is sometimes nice in your travels to escape to a quieter spot and sit back and enjoy the view. The Hotel Tash Konak offers 24 hour access to their private roof-top terrace. This quiet spot boasts an incredible view. Enjoy your complimentary Turkish breakfast while overlooking the harbour action of the Sea of Marmara, or slip up late at night for star gazing and a peak at the Blue Mosque, breath taking in the night sky. The terrace is a lovely addition to the hotel. It is the perfect place to read or relax before hitting the busy streets of Istanbul.


Istanbul’s city streets can sometimes feel busy and full of action. After a day of city life retreat to the quiet, intimate garden at the Hotel Tash Konak. Sit and relax amongst the old stone walls and hydrangeas. Beautifully kept greens are the perfect hide-away for a relaxing afternoon or evening. Take advantage of the hotel’s bar service and have a beer or a Turkish coffee while in the flower garden. Forget about looking for a restaurant get the hotel staff to order dinner in and enjoy a peaceful meal by candlelight. The Tash Konak often hosts evenings of authentic Turkish food and beverage in the garden. These fun BBQ gatherings are a great way to meet fellow hotel guests.

Internet Cafe & Water Pipe Café:

Internet access has become a standard need for travelers. Whether you require checking your email or looking up weather reports for your next destination. Staying in touch with the world by the internet is important to many. The Hotel Tash Konak realized their guests needs for this on-line access. Their complimentary internet cafe provides computers for their guests use. Chat on-line or enjoy the authentic setting of their Turkish-style cafe. Try smoking a water pipe or just relax with a glass of tea. The hotel’s internet cafe has the convenience of on-line access with the enjoyable atmosphere of a true Turkish cafe.


Topkapi Palace:

On a finger of land at the confluence of the Bosphorus, The Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara stands the Topkapi Palace, that maze of buildings that was the focal point of the Ottoman Empire between the 15th and 19th centuries. Construction of New Palace (Topkapi Palace) is started after 1466, and completed on 1478, a couple of years before the death of Fatih.

This palace is not a building like other European Palaces, and composed of various mansions and chambers. Initially constructed Cinili Mansion is a Glass Palace and concluded on 1472. Mansion with Middle East architecture character and two layers become Archeology Museum on 1875 and Turkish Islam Pieces of Art Museum on 1908. It is also opened as Fatih Pieces of Art Museum on 1953. Cinili Mansion, Kubbe alti Arzodasi (Under Dome Submission Room), Hasoda, Treasury, Pantries and Expedition like barracks, a part of kitchens, patients room, hamam, now a library, Agalar Mosque, stables and other buildings construction is followed and finally structure is completed with the construction of main gate at Sultanahmet direction, known as Bab-i Humayun and Palace ramparts on 1478. Palace residents, which were approximately 750 persons during Fatih period, become more crowd and during XIXth century, it reached to 5000 during normal days and extraordinary days like festivals 10.000. For this reason, new additions had been made to this palace. Topkapi Palace Harem division is constructed between 1574 -1595 during IIIrd Sultan Murad period and then Harem residents in Bazayit had been moved to this place. Harem residents were 474 persons at the beginning of XIXth century. There were Black Eunuch in Sultans Palace Chamber while entering the Harem, and on the upper level of it, Prince's School for little princes. In the course of time, Enderun School, Master Doctor's Room, Enderun Pharmacy, mansions within internal courtyards and summer mansions at Sarayburnu coasts are constructed in the Palace, kitchens and stables are widened, and new mosques and libraries had been added.

Dolmabahce Palace:

Side of Dolmabahce Palace, built by Sultan 1st Abdulmecit during 19th century is lying for 600 m at European coast of the Bosporus. Dolmabahce Palace, is constructed between 1843 and 1856 as a mixture of European art methods. It is one of the pieces of art of Sultan Abdulmecit's architect, Karabet Balya. There were always lots of palaces of Ottoman Sultans. But main palace is left after completion of Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace was three leveled and symmetric planned. There are 285 chambers and 43 halls. It has a 600 m long wharf on the sea, and two monumental gates, one is too much decorated on the land. In the middle of this coastal palace, which is surrounded by well-kept and beautiful garden, there is a ceremony and ball hall, which is higher than other divisions. Huge, 56 columned greetings hall lost visitors in the amazement with its 750 light illuminating and 4.5 tones of crystal chandelier.

Entrance side of the palace is used for greetings and meetings of Sultan, and division at the opposite side of the ceremony hall is used as harem division. Internal decoration, furniture, silk carpet and curtains and all other objects are remained till today with no defect like the original. Dolmabahce Palace has a richness and magnificence, which is not present in all other palaces. Walls and ceilings are decorated with tones of golden adornments and European artists' pictures of that period. Everything has same tone and color in important rooms and halls. All floors are covered with too much decorated wooden parquet which are different from each other. Famous Hereke silk and wool carpets, most beautiful pieces of Turkish art, are lied on various places. European and Far Eastern rare decorative hand made pieces of art are decorating all over the palace. Clear crystal chandeliers, candlesticks and chimneys are showing their beauties within various rooms of the palace.

Biggest ball hall of the palaces of the world is in this place. A gargantuan crystal chandelier weighting 4.5 tones is suspending from its 36 m. high dome.

This hall, which is used during important political meetings, congratulations and balls, was previously heated by an under oven like arrangement. Central heating and electricity system had been added to the palace afterwards. One of the six hamams within Men's greeting hall, is decorated with unique, beautiful adorned alabaster marbles. Upper galleries of this hall is separated for orchestra and embassies.

In the harem division, which is reached with passing long corridors, there are sultan's bed rooms and sultan's mother's division as well as other women and servants' divisions. North addition division of the palace is allotted for princes. Structure, whose entrance is at Besiktas district, is serving as Picture and Statue Museum. Most important thing in the palace, used by Ataturk as a resident during his visits to Istanbul during Republic period, is the death of Ataturk on 1938.

It is always open except Mondays and Thursdays.

Beylerbeyi Palace:

Beylerbeyi, in which Asian Tower of Bosporus Bridge is erected, is a beautiful district allotted for palaces since Byzantium. Sultan Abdulaziz built the Beylerbeyi Palace instead of a former wooden palace between 1861 and 1865. Eastern and Turk motifs are used with Western adornment elements on sides and internal decoration. Structure with three floors, which holds the atmosphere of Dolmabahce Palace, is composed of 26 rooms and six halls, which includes harem and men's greeting rooms. Inside of this small palace is decorated with Bohemian chandeliers, which are small treasures, each, Yildiz product tiles and ceramic vases. Furniture with silvering as well as its marvelous carpets are giving a separate beauty to this place. Authentic furniture, carpets, curtains and other property had been preserved as their original conditions. Sea facing side adornments, well - kept garden and pooled hall in the middle division as well as spiral stages are places drawing attention. A huge pool, terraces and stables, which are the beautiful samples of their kind, are placed at back cliff. A former road and a tunnel used until 1970, was passing under palace garden. It was offered to the most distinguished foreign dignitaries for their visits in the palace which has a two small course mansion at coast.

Open every day except Monday and Thursday.

Ciragan Palace:

Most beautiful places of Bosporus and Golden Horn are allotted for palace and mansions to sultans and important persons. Most of these are vanished in the course of time. A big palace, Ciragan is burned on 1910. Architect Serkis Balyan is appointed to construct the Palace by Sultan Abdulaziz on 1871 on the ruins of old palace. Intermediate division and ceiling of the structure, which is cost four million golden coins within four years is covered with wood, and walls are covered with marble. Columns, which are the superior samples of the masonry, are completing rich adorned places. Rooms are decorated with rare carpets, furniture, golden silvering and nacre unit works. Like the other palaces of the Bosporus Ciragan was also hosted for an important meeting. There were colored marble decorated sides, monumental gates and connected to Yildiz Palace, which is at the back side via a bridge. Street side is surrounded by high walls. Ruin, which remained as a residue for years, had been enlivened as a result of great repairs, and turned into a 5 star, beautiful hotel with the additions made to its side.

St. Sophia Museum:

Hagia Sophia, which is assumed as the first and the only unique application in connection with its architecture, magnificence, size and functionality; is a product of east - west synthesis which inspired the Ottoman mosques on the basis of thoughts. This piece of art is one of the most important monuments, remained till today of the world architectural history. For this reason, Hagia Sophia had drawn attention of all humans with its architecture, mosaics and Turkish era structures besides its historical background during centuries. Hagia Sophia was church for 916 years, and mosque for 481 years, and now functions as a museum since 1935.

Yerebatan Sarnici (Underground Cistern):

Near Hagia Sophia is the sixth-century Byzantine cistern known as the Yerebatan Sarnici. Three hundred and thirty-six massive Corinthian columns support the immense chamber's fine brick vaulting. Open days for visitors: Open every day except Tuesday.

The Maiden's Tower:

Kiz Kulesi (Virgin Tower), symbol of Istanbul, is a small cute tower established on a small island at the entrance of Bosphorus. The tower which is also used as watch tower, lighthouse within the course of history is now allotted for tourism. Western sources mention about this place as Leander's tower, who was drowned while swimming for reaching to his lover Hera. According to another story, this place was a tower where the daughter of an emperor, who saw that his daughter will be bitten by a snake in his dreams, is put for her security. The snake, which came here within a fruit basket, had caused a tragedy.

Galata Tower:

It is constructed by Genevan against activities of Byzantium residents against Genevan. They had constructed this tower for preventing all kinds of attacks to the region. In the tower, there is a rock stairs which ascends with revolving within the walls till to big landing. Recently it is restored on 1967, and an elevator is put within it, and a restaurant is put on other floors.

The Blue Mosque:

This mosque was built by Sultan Ahmet I during 1609-1616 in the square carrying his name in Istanbul. The architect is Sedefhar Mehmet Aga. It is the only mosque in Turkey with six minarets. The mosque is 64 x 72 m in dimensions. The central dome is 43 m in height and is 33.4 m in diameter. 260 windows surround the mosque. Due to its beautiful blue, green and white tiling it has been named the "Blue Mosque" by Europeans. The inscriptions were made by Seyyid Kasim Gubari. The interior furnishings of Sultan Ahmet Camii are typical of those of the other imperial mosques in Istanbul. The most important element in the interior of any mosque is the mihrab, a niche set into the center of the wall opposite the main entrance. The purpose of the mihrab is to indicate the kible, the direction of the holy city Mecca, toward which the faithful mast face when they perform their prayers. In the great mosques of Istanbul the mihrab is invariably quite grand, with the niche itself made of finely carved and sculptured marble and the adjacent wall sheathed in ceramic tiles. To the right of the mihrab we see the mimber, or pulpit, where the imam stands when he is delivering his sermon at the time of noon prayer on Fridays or on holy days. The mosque is flooded with light from its 260 windows.


The ancient Hippodrome, the scene of chariot races and the center of Byzantine civic life, stood in the area that is now in front of the Blue Mosque. The area is now named for the mosque, Sultanahmet. Of the monuments which once decorated it only three remain: the Obelisk of Theodosius, the bronze Serpentine Column and the Column of Constantine. Remains from the curved end of the Hippodrome wall can be seen on the southwest side of these three monuments. Today the square forms the center of Istanbul's historical, cultural and touristy pursuits. Take particular note of the surrounding wooden houses, especially the 18th century homes on Sogukcesme Street. Delightfully restored, they have a new lease on life as small hotels; one houses a fascinating library of books on Istanbul.


A stay in Istanbul is not complete without a traditional and unforgettable boat excursion up the Bosphorus, that winding strait that separates Europe and Asia. Its shores offer a delightful mixture of past and present, grand splendor and simple beauty. Modem hotels stand next to yali (shorefront wooden villas), marble palaces abut rustic stone fortresses, and elegant compounds neighbor small fishing villages. The best way to see the Bosphorus is to board one of the passenger boats that regularly zigzag along the shores. You embark at Eminonu and stop alternately on the Asian and European sides of the strait. The roundtrip excursion, very reasonably priced, takes about six hours. If you wish a private voyage, there are agencies that specialize in organizing day or night minicruises.


The Tashkonak Hotel is situated in the heart of Istanbul within easy reach of all major tourist attractions. The hotel is conveniently situated within walking distances of many famous landmarks such as Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar. Tashkonak Hotel is a mere five minutes walk from Tram Station and ten minutes walk to Railway Station. Being in such a central position the Hotel is only a short distance from Istanbul's night life, Cinema and Theatre land.

When planning a trip hotel accessibility and locale are essential details to note, whether you are visiting Istanbul for a few days or have planned a longer stay. Centrally located in the Old City, the Hotel Tash Konak combines the convenience of being within walking distance to many sites and a quiet neighborhood atmosphere. The surrounding streets are clean and full of friendly locals. Visit the Blue Mosque by a three minute walk up the hill, or head in the opposite direction and walk down to the train that runs along the sea-side. The Tash Konak easy to find location makes it very convenient. Everything you want; shopping, restaurants, or historical sites are all within walking distance making it the perfect hotel to stay at.

  • Market 50 m
  • Post Office 250 m
  • Saint Sophia 200 m
  • Tram Station 300 m
  • Blue Mosque 150 m
  • Egypt Bazaar 700 m
  • Nearest bank 100 m
  • Grand Bazaar 600 m
  • Topkapi Place 200 m
  • Ataturk Airport 16 km
  • Underground Cistern 300m
  • Sirkeci Railway Station 1 km
  • Archeological Museum 500m
  • Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum 300 m


Mr. Sami senior established the Tashkonak as a konak ( big house ) in 1870. The stones which were used for constructing the konak were brought in from various places in Turkey. Regional dwellers started to call the building the Stone House or Tash Konak due to the reliable and special stones used. Since this time, it has been called and known as Tas Konak. The hotel takes its name from its history. Tash Konak was restored as a Boutique Hotel in 1997 and opened for your service. The hotel offers the Hotel's Garden with its historical sense, the Terrace has magnificent views of Marmara Sea, Islands and Blue Mosque.


Unser Familienbetrieb ist Sehr ruhig gelegen und hat komfortable Gästezimmer,egal für welche Zimmerkategorie Sie sich entscheiden - das bekommen Sie auf jeden Fall: ein bequemes Bett, Schreibtisch, Sat-TV ,Radio, Direktwahltelefon, Dusche / WC, Weckdienst. Auser dem befindet sich in unserem 20 Zimmer boutique Hotel TV zimmer, Restoran,Garten,Auto parkplatz und Wasserpfeife.Internet und e-mail für unsere Gäste. Auf der Geschäftsreise können Sie Ihr e-mail Konto abrufen oder den daheimgebliebenen Freunden und Verwandten eine elektronische Postkarte schreiben. Kein Problem, denn in der Econtel Lobby finden Sie die Internet- und e-mail Station, an der Sie nach dem Fußballergebnis Ihres Lieblingsvereins oder den aktuellen Aktienkursen suchen können und sogar gratis.


Un viejo quiosco de pasha - Sir Sami- construido en 1870, transformado a un hotel histórico de la clase del boutique acogedor después de renovaciones en 1997, en el centro de la historia.

La localización:

Estambul Tashkonak hotel localizacion ideal para el turismo, accediendose facilmente a los principales monumentos, Mezquita Azul, Santa Sofia, Hipodromo, Gran Bazar, Palacio de Topkapi, Mezquita de Soliman, Basilica Cisterna. Un hotel acogedor del boutique en Estambul con los cuartos cómodos, iglesia de Byzantium dentro del jardín, terraza con Bosphorus, opinión azul de Mosque; en Sultanahmet, corazón de vieja Estambul dentro de la distancia el recorrer a los monumentos imperiales principales.

cuartos & caracteristicas:

El Hotel Tashkonak tiene 20 cuartos incluyendo las habitaciones equipadas del cuarto de baño, del aire acondicionado, de la televisión por cable-satelite, del sistema de la música, del teléfono del dirigir-dial y de la mini-barra privados asociados.

carasteristicas del hotel:

Restaurante abierto y cerrado de la azotea que pasa por alto al mar de Marmara, satisfaciendo recursos hasta 20 personas, 24 horas de servicio de habitación y el acceso Internet libre, el sitio de la TV, un jardín auténtico dentro de ruinas de una vieja iglesia de Byzantium, el lavadero y la limpieza en seco, los rectángulos del deposite de seguridad y el estacionamiento.


Situato in Sultanahmet, il cuore della città storica, l’ Hotel Tashkonak è uno degli migliori hotel di Istanbul. Appena a pochi passi dalla Moschea Blu, da Santa Sofia, dal Palazzo Topkapi e dal Gran Bazaar.

Siamo certi che l' atmosfera amichevole e distesa vi lascerà dolci ricordi di Istanbul. Tutti i nostri sforzi punteranno ad assicurarsi che il tempo trascorso a Istanbul sia il migliore del vostro intero viaggio.

Una stanza rilassante e confortevole è una parte importante di una vacanza. All' hotel Tashkonak le stanze sono pulite e decorate. I letti comodi garantiscono sonni tranquilli. Sono a vostra disposizione pavimenti in legno duro, bagno e docce riservate, così come la comodità dell’aria condizionata della stanza, la TV e il minibar.

Molte stanze hanno balconi con vista sul giardino e sul mare. Che si tratti di una singola, di una doppia o di una spaziosa suite, il servizio quotidiano di pulizia garantisce la massima confortevolezza e asciugamani freschi per gli ospiti.

Sicuramente apprezzerete la pulizia e l' attenzione ai particolari che l' hotel Tashkonak assicura a tutti gli ospiti e godrete di molte notti di tranquilli sonni durante la vostra permanenza. Nel progettare un viaggio, la posizione di un hotel è un particolare importante da notare, sia che rimaniate a Istanbul pochi giorni, sia nel caso di una permanenza più lunga. Situato centralmente nel cuore della città vecchia, l’hotel Tashkonak unisce la convenienza di essere a pochi passi di distanza dai maggiori monumenti, alla quiete dell'atmosfera di vicinato. Le strade intorno sono pulite e piene di locali familiari. Visitate la Moschea Blu a tre minuti di cammino sulla collina, oppure, di fronte nella direzione opposta, discendete fino al treno che vi porterà lungo il mare. La posizione dell'hotel Tashkonak vi offre quanto desiderate: shopping, ristoranti o siti storici, rendendo la vostra permanenza all'hotel praticamente perfetta.


Le Tashkonak Hotel est un nouvel établissement, qui a été construit en 1997, et qui est un mélange de l'architecture moderne et du décor traditionnel Ottoma combinant le confort du 20ème siècle avec le charme gracieux du passé.

Toutes les chambres superbes sont bien aménagées et équipées à la fois d' air conditionné et de chauffage central, ainsi qu'un poste de télévisi muni d'une commande à distance, un téléphone individuel et un mini bar. En outre, toutes les chambres disposent de salles de bain individuelles. Ce splendide hôtel offre restaurant délicieux qui propose de la cuisine turque de la cuisine internationale ainsi qu'un bar privé où les clients peuvent se relaxer en sirotant en toute quiétude un verre après une longue journée d'affaires, d'emplettes et de visites de monuments. Le personnel de l'Tashkonak est sympathique et bien formé, toujours disposé à pourvoir aux besoins de chaque client. A quelques minutes : restaurants raffinés, boutiqu et divertissements que la ville excitante d'Istanbul a à offrir.

Le Tahskonak Hotel est un superbe hôtel de première catégorie situé dans la zone de Sultanahmet de la ville historique d'Istanbul, qui est le coeur historique de cette ville ancienne. Cette situation offre une retraite paisible loin des clameurs de cette métropole animée qui est cependant tout fait proche des attractions touristiques les plus courues d'Istanbul.

Un ancien kiosque de pasha - Sir Sami- construit en 1870, transformé à un confortabl boutique hôtel de la classe historique après des rénovations en 1997, au centre de l'histoire.

La location:

Un boutique hôtel à Istanbul avec les chambres confortables, église de Byzance dans le jardin, terrasse avec vue de Bosphore et la Mosquée Bleue; dans Sultanahmet, coeur de vieil Istanbul sur la distance de marche aux monuments impériaux principaux.

chambres & caracteristiques:

L'hôtel Tashkonak a 20 chambres comprenant des suites , équipées de la salle de bains, de la climatisation, -satelite TV par câble, système de musique, téléphone de diriger-cadran et de la mini-bar, privés joints.

carasteristiques de l' hotel:

Restaurant ouvert et fermé de toit donnant sur à la mer de Marmara, rencontrant des équipements jusqu' à 20 personnes, 24 heures de service d'étage et accès Internet libre, pièce de TV, un jardin authentique dans des ruines d'une vieille église de Byzance, la blanchisserie et le nettoyage à sec, les cadres de deposite de sûreté et le stationnement.


Comfortabel Boutique hotel in het oude centrum van Istanbul, dichtbij diverse bezienswaardigheden.

Prima hotel gelegen in het oude gedeelte van Istanbul, vlakbij diverse bezienswaardigheden. Het uitzicht vanaf het dakterras bij de bar is prachtig.


Perfect gelegen in het oude gedeelte van Istanbul in de wijk Sultanahmet op wandelafstand van de rijke bezienswaardigheden.


Hotel Tash Konak beschikt over 20 kamers die zijn ondergebracht in een voor- en achtergebouw. receptie, kluisjes (tegen betaling), lobby met diverse zitjes, binnenrestaurant met aangrenzende tuin, terrasbar met een prachtig uitzicht, dokterservice en roomservice.


U verblijft in dit hotel op basis van Logies en Ontbijt.


Rum Faciliteter:

  • Luftkonditionering
  • Television
  • Parabolantenn
  • Direkttelefon
  • Minibar
  • Hårtork
  • Automatiskt väckning
  • Volt 220v

Hotell Faciliteter:

  • Stor éntrehall
  • Tidigaste incheckning klockan 12:00
  • Portvakt 24 timmar
  • 24 timmars Rumservice
  • 3 våningar
  • Bussparkering
  • Parkeringsplats (Avgift betalas till hotell)
  • Bastu
  • Biluthyrning
  • Barnvaktservice
  • Tvättmöjligheter
  • Handikapps faciliteter


  • Centralt
  • 18 km till närmsta flygplats (ataturk)
  • 1 minuters promenad till närmsta tunnelbanestation (sultanahmet)
  • 1 km till närmsta station (Cankurtaran)
  • 5 minuters promenad till närmsta busshållplats
  • 16 km till närmsta marknadsplats (cnr)


タシュコナック ホテル


























アタチュルク国際空港へ 15キロ

シルケジ鉄道駅  1キロ

エミノニュ桟橋  1キロ

トラム駅 250メートル

郵便局  250メートル

エジプシャンバザール 700メートル

ブルーモスク  150メートル

アヤソフィヤ大聖堂 200メートル

トプカプ宮殿  200メール

地下宮殿 300メートル

考古学博物館 300メートル

グランドバザール 600メートル

The Details

Hotel Tashkonak

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Web Page:  Yes


Languages Spoken:  English, German


Types of Breakfasts:  Open Buffet

Special Meals Available:  Yes


Room Types:  Rooms, Suites/Rooms, Suites, Luxury Rooms, Penthouse, Family Rooms


Private Bathrooms:  Yes

Handicap Accessible:  No

Smoking:  Yes - please ask for the smoking room in advance

Consumption of Alcohol:  Yes

Children:  Yes

Pets:  No


Amenities/Features:  BBQ, Kitchen, Satellite TV, TV, Hot Tub, Garden, Fridge, Alarm Clock, Tea & Coffee Making Facilities


Nearby Activities:  Bicycling, Hiking, Fishing, Bird Watching, Astronomy, Hot Air Ballooning, Shopping, Dancing, Sight Seeing, Historical Places, Museums, Castles, Botanical Gardens, Arts & Craft Fairs


Suitable For:  Pleasure, Relaxation, Business, Family, Groups, Honeymoons, Romance, Cultural Experience, Gay/Lesbians


Near To:  Beach, Ocean, Lakes, Rivers, Ranches, Caves, Forests, Nature & Parks, Desert


Sunsets:  Yes
Sunrises:  Yes
Open:  All Year


Additional Comments:  Free airport pick-up service provided for the guests staying at least 2 nights from the Istanbul Atatürk airport. Flight details should be informed in advance by email.

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