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   Scott’s Inn   

Scott’s Inn

Apartado 11
Plaza de la Iglesia
Binissalem, Mallorca
Spain  07350
Architectural Type:  Townhouse
Established In:  1989
Renovated In:  1999
Phone:  +34 (0)971-870-100
Fax: +34 (0)971-870-267
Contact:  George SCOTT
 Send An Email:
Single Occupant Rate Is: $120
Double Occupant Rate Is: $200
Additional Occupant Rate Is: N/A
Accepted Payments: Cash, Personal Cheques, MasterCard, Money Orders, Visa, Travellers Cheques, Debit Card
Deposit Amount Requested: 1 night's tariff
Minimum Stay Is: 2 nights
Check In Time Is: Anytime rooms are free
Check Out Time Is: As late as we can manage
Cancellation Policy: Within 1 week, 1 night's tariff applied.

Scott's Inn is a meticulously restored 18th century seigniorial townhouse.

Widely reviewed as one of the most elegant and comfortable small bed and breakfast hotels in the Mediterranean, Scott's is one of only three establishments in the whole of Spain listed in the prestigious Elegant Small Hotels guide, one of only six in the Duncan Petersen Guide to Charming Small Hotels, and one of only seven in London's famous Good Hotel Guide.

All our beds are handmade and oversized, pocket coil, with goose down pillows and percale sheets. Antiques, lace, and silk provide finishing touches, but make us suitable only for children over twelve.

We are located in the wine capital of Mallorca, Europe's No. 1 vacation destination, with over 16 million visitors each year.

  • Library and writing room
  • Patio and inner courtyard garden
  • Two sun terraces, two breakfast rooms
  • Air conditioning, central heating in all bedrooms
  • All rooms with ensuite bath, robes, hair dryers, direct dial telephones
  • Heated & air-conditioned non-chlorine spa pool with Jacuzzi and swim jet

About You, Our Guests:

You aren't looking for an ordinary hotel. You want somewhere special. Somewhere quiet, understated, elegant and luxurious.

You are looking for comfort and unaffected style, a civilised pied-a-terre from which to explore the breathtaking natural beauty of the heart of the island of Mallorca, or perhaps to pursue the peaceful pleasures of walking in the hills, bird watching, painting, photography, or just plain and simple relaxation.

Or maybe you wish to find a centre from which to reach further out and see even more of the island. Starting from the wine area where we are, it is ten minutes to the mountains, twenty to Palma, and twenty-five to beaches, coves, and marinas on both coasts.

Or perhaps you want to visit the kind of stately historic townhouse that people rarely get a chance to see inside - a former grand mansion set in the church square of an authentically warmhearted and appealing little town, whose main attraction, apart from its sleepy streets of mellow golden stone, is its rarity as a place still untouched by development or exploitation.

A stay at Scott's gives you the opportunity to enjoy luxurious and civilised comforts and at the same time be only steps away from the unspoilt heart of a historically rich Mediterranean island.

So if you are seeking simple elegance, unrivalled comfort, and superb value for money, look no further than Scott's.

The Suites:

The Grand / Green Suite:

This is the suite for honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, or other celebrations. The king size four poster and the huge, stunning drawing room never fail to lend a sense of occasion to whatever the occasion may be. When taken as the Grand Suite, the additional Yellow Room is added.

The Blue Suite:

Hands down our favourite suite - the one people book for next year as they're going out the door this year. The bathroom is equally pretty, and was featured in a recent advertising campaign for Dove Soap. The bed is king size, of course. Significant advance reservations are almost essential, but ask, you could be lucky.

The Amber Tall Suite:

A junior suite, actually, since the sitting room is small. It has a sofa that is convertible to use as a third bed, however - a proper bed, too, not a foldout sofa bed. The beds are 7 feet long, 2.15 metres, so most tall people will find them sufficiently capacious.

The Atico Suite:

As the name would imply, this is a suite in part of the former attic area at the top of the house. Very pretty, fresh, spacious and bright, with beamed ceilings and views over the church square. The bed is king sized. The bathroom has been featured in two advertising campaigns, one in print, one on TV. Two floor walk up, but worth the climb.

The Balcony Suite:

This is a rustic duplex suite, in its own small house - casita - in the inner courtyard. Upstairs is the bedroom and a bathroom, also in blue and white. Downstairs is a sitting room with some comfy chairs and a convertible sofa bed, for those people travelling with a friend or a child.

The Deluxe Rooms:

The Amadeus Room:

So named as it’s as restful as a slow passage from one of The Great One’s piano concertos. If calm and serenity are what you are seeking in your holiday, look no further than the Amadeus room, quietly situated in our peaceful inner courtyard.

The Black & White Room:

Almost a Junior Suite, as it has an anteroom with a wardrobe so as to leave more room free inside the room itself. Window opens onto the church square and catches the morning light. This is a smokers’ room, one of the few we have.

The Bodega Room:

The bed is Emperor size - 7 feet (2.15 metres) by 7 feet, and supremely comfortable, or at least so say all the giants who’ve so far slept on it.

The Café Olé Room:

All right, it’s an obvious pun, but the room really is a delicate café au lait blend of colours and we thought some of you might be amused by a little tongue in cheekiness.

The Canton Room:

This is a tip of the hat to the Oriental elegance of a century ago, though we doubt any Chinese Emperor ever slept on a bed as comfortable as this hand made seven footer with its sumptuous down pillows, percale sheets, and deep coil springing.

The Scandinavian Room:

A great room, all fresh and bright and blue and white (the bathroom, too). Highly recommended.

The Superior Rooms:

The Aubrey Room:

Named for Jack Aubrey, the sea captain in the Patrick O’Brian seafaring novels. A smallish room as a double, eminently comfortable as a single. Very quiet, overlooks the flowery patio, and has a tiled bathroom that everyone admires.

The Chinese Room:

The motif of the fabric is Chinese. The room is low key elegant, gets the morning sun, is very quiet, and has a pretty bathroom. One and a half flights up, next to a little alcove with a kettle and a fridge where you can make yourself a cuppa if you’re so disposed.

The Damask Room:

This room has some rare Mallorquin antiques - a wardrobe and matching bedheads, and an English bowfonted chest. One and a half flight walkup, gets the morning light, very quiet, tranquil atmosphere.

The Primrose Room:

Pure bottled sunshine - this must be one of the most cheerful of our smaller rooms. Everyone who enters it smiles; something about the colours just gets you right inside where it counts. Quiet, supremely comfortable and intimately cosy. Couples love it.

The Stripey Room:

An example of a truly original name for a room, no? But you know how these things are; we kept importing various striped things into the room -- the tiles in the bathroom and then the bed linen, and then the curtains, and we kept referring to it, in shorthand, as the Stripey Room until it just stuck!

About Binissalem:

A time warp back to the fifties, that’s Binissalem. There are still people here who don’t lock their doors at night. In a walk around the town you also may see a half dozen cars parked with their lock buttons up, so trusting are the local inhabitants. Small children are to be seen late at night in the church square unaccompanied, as their parents know that any adult in the vicinity will function "in loco parentis" should the occasion require, be it with a helping hand or a disciplinary admonition.

Binissalem is to a surprising degree untouched, unspoiled, innocent and unexploited, and long may things stay this way. We are trying to import some sophistication (and some money) into the town, but hope it won’t be overtaken by all the elements that can so often conspire to spoil delightful small places when they become discovered by tourists. But as we are the only hotel within ten miles, and as we have room for only 32 people at a time, we hope we’ll not contribute to any potential despoliation of the town.

Besides, we tend to attract the kind of people who want to see places like Binissalem preserved as intact as possible.

There is a gentle domestic history to the town, with some literary connections, thousand year old Moorish influences, and fame, since the 18th century, for its stonework, its carpentry, its architecture (Binissalem has more small palaces than any other town here save Palma) and most of all its wine, which is the only "denominación" wine made on Mallorca.

We hope you’ll visit our little jewel of a town, just 20 minutes from Palma, ten from the mountains, and a half hour from good beaches on either side of the island. And we’d welcome the chance to make your stay a special one.

About Mallorca - Our Island:

The statistics tell the story - almost 16 million visitors every year, Europe’s No. 1 holiday destination. Mallorca offers sand and sun and sea, package holidays, endless tourist activities, discos and busy resorts, and all the other distractions that are to be found in the tourist capitals of the world.

And there’s money on Mallorca. At any given moment there are several billion’s worth of yachts in Mallorca’s marinas, whether you count in Dollars, Pounds, Deutschmarks, or any other currency. Property, too, is expensive, and getting more expensive all the time. As one house agent remarked, ingenuously, "A million Pounds doesn’t buy much of a house here anymore."

But there’s another Mallorca, not far in distance but far in style from the crowded resorts along the coast. It’s the Mallorca where one can still see farmers tilling their fields with a mule and a wooden handled plough. It’s self-contained microcosm of greater Spain, with mountains, coves, pine forests, caves, sandy beaches and dusty plains - samples of a dozen landscapes all contained on an island of 40 miles by 65 miles. It’s the unsullied interior, with wild walkways through the mountains, where, as they say, the hand of man has barely set foot. It’s the broad expanse of the empty quarter, where ancient windmills built by the Moors in the 10th century still creak in the wind to raise water for the crops. It’s the parts of the island that refresh the parts of you that other holiday destinations hardly reach.

The Details

Scott’s Inn
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Web Page:  Yes


Languages Spoken:  English, Spanish, German, some French and halting Italian. Staff members speak French, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Catalan, and Slovaki


Types of Breakfasts:  Buffet and individually prepared eggs, etc.

Special Meals Available:  No


Room Types:  Rooms, Suites/Rooms, Suites, Luxury Rooms


Private Bathrooms:  Yes

Handicap Accessible:  No - only able handicapped individuals due to the fact that we're protected by the Spanish 'historical monument' legislation, which means we can't change our 18th century inn

Smoking:  Yes - Only two smoking rooms

Consumption of Alcohol:  Yes

Children:  Yes - Over twelve

Pets:  No


Amenities/Features:  Pool, Satellite TV, Phone, Fireplace, Sundeck, Jacuzzi, Garden


Nearby Activities:  Bicycling, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Golfing, Horseback Riding, Sea Kayaking, Water Skiing, Bird Watching, Astronomy, Hang Gliding, Sky Diving, Parasailing, Sailing, Windsurfing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Hot Air Ballooning, Shopping, Dancing, Sight Seeing, Historical Places


Suitable For:  Pleasure, Relaxation, Groups, Anniversaries, Honeymoons, Romance, Cultural Experience


Near To:  Beach, Ocean, Wine Country, Orchards, Mountains, Caves, Nature & Parks, Canyons


Wildlife:  Yes
Open:  All Year


Additional Comments:  Wonderful personal service in seven languages.

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