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   Relax Bed and Breakfast   

Relax Bed and Breakfast

Via Amiata 14
Aprilia, Latium
Italy  I-04011
Architectural Type:  Country Home
Established In:  1990
Renovated In:  2005
Phone:  +39 335-30-62-82
Fax:  +39 06 92-56-455
Mobile:  +39 335-30-62-82
Contact:  Michele FESTA
 Send An Email:
Single Occupant Rate Is: €50 - €75
Double Occupant Rate Is: €100 - €150
Additional Occupant Rate Is: €15 - €25
Accepted Payments: Cash, MasterCard, Visa, EuroCard, Maestro
Deposit Amount Requested: 50%
Minimum Stay Is: 2 days in low season
3 days in high season or on weekends
Check In Time Is: Between 3 and 6 PM
Check Out Time Is: 11 AM
Cancellation Policy: We will be happy to refund your complete deposit if you give us at least 10 days notice prior to your arrival, otherwise your deposit cannot be refunded.

Welcome... Willkommen... Benvenuto...

Do you need to pull the plug?

Plunge into a real and true bath of greenness, energy, and positivity at the welcoming “Relax Bed and Breakfast”.

Whether with your family, partner, or on your own, you can enjoy a regenerating vacation with the aim of “all well-being and relaxation”.

Indeed, our home is surrounded by the luxuriant and bright Roman countryside.

It’s the ideal base for organizing splendid excursions, but also for allowing one’s gaze to fall across the sweet hills covered with trees that disappear into an infinite blue.

Or to admire, from the spacious terrace, the fiery colours of the sunset and follow, in the twilight that smells of lavender, thyme and jasmine, the dance of the fireflies.

“Relax Bed and Breakfast” is close to Rome but is located in an oasis of tranquility where it is possible to combine tourism, shopping and the cultural life of Rome with relaxation and a beach vacation.

The Rooms:

The furnishings are essential, the home is comfortable and is surrounded by a garden.

The rooms have two beds (with the possibility of adding a third), each with a private bathroom with shower.

A large living room will give you the sensation of being “at home”.

The name given to each room is intended to fill your stay with warmth and the joy of living, to give you a “stash of happiness” to use during the cold and rainy months of winter.

Thus, you could be assigned the Room of Cuddles, the Room of Cheer, or the Room of Golden Sleep...

When the night’s silence is interrupted only by the distant call of an owl, ancient and fabulous legends ignite in the star-filled sky to sweetly accompany your sleep.

Nature enters in your bedroom and at “Relax Bed and Breakfast” your room is highlighted in green.

The Garden:

The “Relax Bed and Breakfast” is equipped with an ample garden delineated by leafy walls of oak trees and fragrant jasmine.

Here you can sunbathe or refresh yourself in the arbour of a kiwi tree.

Your children will have at their disposition a large green space where they can run, play and experience thousands of adventures, in contact with beautiful and primitive nature.

In addition, by making reservations beforehand, it is possible to attain a babysitter for your little ones (the hourly rate is quite reasonable).

At Breakfast With The Sun:

Breakfast which is based on simple foods is the moment wherein you can finally all sit together around the table without the sound of the clock.

It is the moment wherein you can gather all the energy to spend during the intense and unforgettable day.

However, if you add a ray of sunlight or a handful of seaform to your fragrant bread and marmelade, your days will be truly magical.

Are You Tired?

Then, allow yourself a pause to “absorb” all that you have seen by sunbathing on the grass in the garden of our home and taking a relaxing and reconciling siesta “with the world and with men” under the arbour of a kiwi tree ... or also ... suntan on the enormous terrace (1615 square feet).


Close to both the ocean and Rome...

In a few minutes you can reach the ocean or enjoy your favorite sports (golf 15 km, horseback riding 10 km, fishing 7 km, swimming, hiking and mountain biking).

Also, imagine that in only one day it is possible to take an excursion to Florence - the city of the Renaissance and of Michelangelo - Naples, the Amalfi coast, Capri, Ischia or even Pompei!

If you prefer not to go very far, you can take a “simple”, long and fantastic walk (with comfortable shoes!) in the historical centre of Rome and arrive at some of the most famous squares, letting yourself become enveloped by the atmosphere of the roman “dolce vita” (i.e., sweet life) immortalized by Fellini: it will be unforgettable!

If you add the blue sky, the warmth of the city and the authenticity of the Romans to all of this, your morale will reach the stars.

Naturally, we are available to provide you with the information necessary to organize tours and activities that are best suited for you.

The area in which “Relax Bed and Breakfast” is located offers infinite possibilities for both relaxation and excursions.

We hope that the following list helps you plan your stay so that you can maximize all the benefits... any case, you should not be afraid to relax and of not doing anything.

  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Museums
  • Restaurants
  • Historical sites
  • Papal audiences
  • Calendar of events
  • Wine-making tours
  • Opera, theatre, sports
  • Shopping and outdoor
  • Nature, parks, panorama
  • Churches, Vatican, Cathedrals

Where Are We?

Our bed and breakfast is located in a tranquil and green valley between the Roman castles and the beach where the mythical Trojan hero Enea disembarked.

It’s a small and special place, distant from traffic and smog and only 30 km. from the centre of a large and spectacular city:  Rome.

It’s special because in only 10 minutes you can enjoy the ocean or the lakes of Albano and Nemi; visit the Gandolfo Castle, the Pope’s summer residence, or Frascati with its historical patrician villas.

Add to this, the pleasure of the aroma of fresh warm bread from the Roman Castles or the wine from the Gandolfo Castle’s vineyards and Alfredo’s stringy fettuccine...

In addition: in 30 minutes you can visit the Oasis of Ninfa or the intact medievale village of Sermoneta.

“Relax Bed and Breakfast” is situated in the roman countryside and thus, a car is indispensable.

Approximate distance from:

  • Rome 30 km
  • International Airport, Fiumicino 65 km
  • Train station (Campoleone) 8 km
  • Beach (Ardea) 12 km
  • Lake, Gandolfo Castle (Pope’s summer residence) 25 km
  • Florence 200 km
  • Milan 500 km
  • Naples 200 km

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a private bathroom in every room?

  • Every room has there own bathroom equipped with a shower.

Is it possible to check-out at a later time?

  • Yes, if agreed upon beforehand and if compatible with the arrival of other guests.

Are there extra costs for arriving or departing outside of the regular times?

  • Yes, a 3% increase on the first night.

Is the balance paid at the time of arrival or at the time of departure?

  • The balance is paid at the time of arrival.

During which times is breakfast available?

  • Breakfast is available between 8am and 10am.

Is breakfast included in the price?

  • Yes, breakfast is included in the price.

Is it possible to use the kitchen?

  • Unfortunately, local regulations does not permit use of the kitchen.

Are there specific times one must return home in the evening?

  • No, but we prefer you return by midnight.

Is parking available?

  • Yes, along the wall which defines the boundary of the home.

Are non-registered guests permitted in one’s own room?

  • No, regional regulations do not permit guests.

Do you accept last-minute reservations?

  • Yes, if there is enough time to organize the payment of the deposit.

How often are bed sheets changed and rooms cleaned?

  • Every 3 days.

Is there an extra cost for keys, TV, and/or air conditioning?

No, there is only a deposit of €50 for potential damages or lose of keys/converter that will be refunded at the time of check-out.

Do you have a car service for the airport, train station, Saint Peter’s, centre of Rome, etc?

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to provide this service. For this reason, it is best to come with your own car or a car rental.

Do you provide guided tours?

  • Yes, but they must be arranged beforehand... for papal audiences, Colosseum, Basilicas, Catacombs, Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican Museums, shows, theatre, etc.


Tauchen Sie ein in ein Entspannungsbad aus grüner Umgebung, Energie und positivem Lebensgefühl in unserem behaglichen “Relax Bed and Breakfast”.

Hier können Sie mit Ihrer Famiglie, als Paar oder alleine einen erholsamen Urlaub verbringen unter dem alleinigen Motto “Entspannnung und Wellneß”.

Denn unser Haus liegt inmitten des blühen-den romanischen Landes, das das Gemüt erhellt.

Es ist der ideale Ausgangspunkt für herrliche Ausflüge; Sie können aber auch einfach nur den Blick schweifen lassen über die sanften bewaldeten Hügel, deren Farben ins unendliche Blau des Himmels übergehen.

Sie können, von der großen Terrasse aus, die glutroten Farbspiele des Sonnenuntergangs bewundern und in der Dämmerung, die nach Lavendel, Thymian und Jasmin duftet, dem Tanz der Glühwürmchen zusehen.

Das Relax Bed and Breakfast ist gar nicht weit von Rom entfernt, aber es liegt in einer Oase der Ruhe, und man kann von hier aus Besichtigungen, Einkaufen und das kulturelle Angebot der Stadt Rom mit Zeiten der Entspannung und Urlaub am Meer verbinden.


Das einfach, aber komfortabel eingerichtete Haus ist von einem Garten umgeben.

Unsere Zweibettzimmer (ein drittes Bett kann zugestellt werden) verfügen alle über ein eigenes Bad mit Dusche.

Ein geräumiges Wohnzimmer wird Ihnen ein heimeliges Gefühl vermitteln.


Der Name jedes Zimmers soll Ihren Aufenthalt mit Wärme und Lebenslust erfüllen, um Ihnen einen "Glücklichkeitsvorrat" zu schenken, von dem Sie in den kalten und verregneten Wintermonaten zehren können.

Somit könnten Sie Ihren Urlaub im Kuschelzimmer, dem Fröhlichkeitszimmer oder dem Süße-Träume-Zimmer verbringen...

Wenn einzig der ferne Ruf einer Eule die Nachtruhe unterbricht, leben auf dem gestirnten Firmament alte und fantastische Märchen wieder auf und begleiten sanft Ihren Schlaf.

Die Natur findet Ihren Eingang in Ihr Zimmer im "Relax Bed and Breakfast" und taucht es in ein sattes Grün.

Der Garten:

Das "Relax Bed and Breakfast" verfügt über einen großen Garten, der von laubträchtigen Eichenwänden und duftenden Jasminsträuchern begrenzt ist.

Hier können Sie sich sonnen oder sich im Schatten der Kiwilaube ausruhen.

Ihre Kinder haben reichlich Platz zum Herumtoben und Spielen und können erlebnisreiche Stunden in der unverfälschten Natur verbringen.

Zusätzlich können Sie, zeitige Vorbuchung vorausgesetzt, die Dienste einer Babysitterin in Anspruch nehmen (zu sehr günstigen Stundenpreisen).

Beim Frühstück Sonne Tanken:

Zu unserem einfachen Frühstück können Sie sich endlich - ganz ohne Zeitdruck - gemeinsam an den Tisch setzen.

Tanken Sie Energie für ausgefüllte und unvergessliche Tage.

Wenn nun zu Ihrer Mahlzeit nicht nur ein leckeres Marmeladebrot, sondern auch eine Prise.

Sonnenstrahlen oder eine Handvoll Meerschaum gehört, werden Ihre Tage wahrhaft zauberhaft.


Dann gönnen Sie sich eine Pause. Lassen Sie alles, was Sie hier gesehen haben, auf sich einwirken, während Sie sich auf der Wiese in unserem Garten sonnen, eine entspannende Siesta "im Einklang mit Mensch und Natur" unter der Kiwilauben machen ... oder... sich auf unserer riesigen Terrasse (150 qm) sonnen.


Einen Katzensprung vom Meer und von Rom entfernt...

In wenigen Minuten sind Sie am Meer, wo Sie Ihre Lieblingssportarten betreiben können (Golf 15 km, Entfernung Reiten 10 km, Angeln 7 km, Schwimmen, Wandern oder Geländeradfahren).

Außerdem können Sie mit einem Tagesausflug Florenz - die Hauptstadt der Renaissance und die Heimat Michelangelos-, Neapel, Amalfi, Capri, Ischia oder Pompeij erreichen.

Wenn Sie lieber in der Umgebung bleiben, können Sie auch "nur" einen wunderbaren ausgiebigen Spaziergang durch die Altstadt von Rom machen (bequeme Schuhe mitnehmen!), die schönsten "Piazze" besichtigen und die von Fellinis "La dolce vita" verewigte Atmosphäre buchstäblich atmen.

Denken Sie jetzt noch an den blauen Himmel, die Wärme der Stadt und die unverfälschte Gastfreundlichkeit der Römer, und Ihre Stimmung wird sich deutlich heben.

Natürlich geben wir Ihnen gerne alle nötigen Informationen für Ihre individuellen Ausflüge und Entdeckungstouren.

Die Gegend, in der sich das "Relax Bed and Breakfast" befindet, bietet Ihnen zahlreiche Möglichkeiten zu Ausflügen oder zur Entspannung.

Wir hoffen, dass die untenstehende Liste Ihnen bei der erfolgreichen Planung Ihres Urlaubs hilfreich sein kann... und... scheuen Sie sich nicht, auch einfach einmal auszuspannen und gar nichts zu tun.

  • Golf
  • Angeln
  • Museen
  • Weintour
  • Restaurants
  • historische Orte
  • Papstaudienzen
  • Veranstaltungskalender
  • Kirchen, Vatikan, Kathedralen
  • Natur, Parks und Aussichtsplätze
  • Einkaufsmöglichkeiten und Märkte
  • Oper, Theater, Sportveranstaltungen

Unsere Lage:

Sie findenunser B&B in einer ruhigen grünen Talebene, zwischen den „Castelli Romani“ (malerische Ortschaftenauf den Hügenl südöstlich von Rom) und dem Strand, an dem Äneas, der sagenumwobene Held Trojas, anlegte.

Es ist ein ganz besonderer kleiner Ort, weit weg von Stadtverkehr und Smog, und doch nur 30 km entfernt vom Zentrum einer ganz besonderen großen Stadt, von Rom.

Das Besondere an diesem Ort ist, daß Sie in nur 10 Minuten Entfernung Erfrischung am Meer oder an den Seen von Albano oder Nemi finden, oder die päpstliche Sommerresidenz Castel Gandolfo oder auch Frascati mit seinen alten Patrizierhäusern besichtigen können.

Sie können hier das frische Aroma des ofenfrischen Brotes, das in den Ortschaften der Castelli Romani feilgeboten wird, genießen, sowie den köstlichen Wein von Castel Gandolfo oder die schmackhaften Fettuccine all'Alfredo probieren.

In nur 30 Minuten sind Sie in der zauberhaften "Oasi di Ninfa" und in dem intakt erhaltenen mittelalterlichen Ort Sermoneta.

Das "Relax B&B" liegt auf dem Land in der Nähe von Rom. Daher ist ein PKW für unsere Gäste unverzichtbar.

Ungefähre Entfernungen nach:

  • Rom (Autobahnumgehung) 30 km
  • Internationaler Flughafen Fiumicino 65 km
  • Bahnhof (Campoleone) 8 km
  • Strand (Ardea) 12 km
  • Lago Castelgandolfo (päpstliche Sommerresidenz)
  • Florenz 200 km
  • Mailand 500 km
  • Neapel 200 km


Immergetevi in un vero e proprio bagno di verde, energia e positività nell’accogliente “Relax Bed and Breakfast”.

Qui potrete godervi con la vostra famiglia, in coppia, o da soli, una rigenerante vacanza all’insegna del “tutto benessere e relax”.

Infatti la nostra casa è circondata dalla rigogliosa e rasserenante campagna romana.

È la base ideale per organizzare splendide gite, ma anche per lasciare vagare lo sguardo sulle dolci colline coperte di boschi, che sfumano in un infinito azzurro.

O per ammirare, dall’ampia terrazza, le tinte infuocate del tramonto e seguire, nel crepuscolo che sa di lavanda, timo e gelsomino, la danza delle lucciole.

“Relax Bed and Breakfast” è poco distante da Roma, ma si trova in un’oasi di tranquillità dove è possibile abbinare il turismo, lo shopping e la vita culturale di Roma con il relax e la vacanza al mare.

La Camere:

L’arredamento è essenziale, l’abitazione è con-fortevole ed è circondata dal giardino.

Le stanze sono a due letti (con possibilità di aggiunta di un terzo letto), ciascuna con il proprio bagno con doccia.

Un grande soggiorno ti darà la sensazione di essere “a casa”.

Le Stanze Del Buonumore:

Il nome assegnato ad ogni stanza vorrebbe riempire il tuo soggiorno di calore e gioia di vivere, per regalarti un “bottino di felicità” a cui attingere nei freddi e piovosi mesi invernali.

Potresti così vederti assegnata la Stanza delle coccole, la Stanza dell’allegria o la Stanza del sonno d’oro…

Quando il silenzio notturno è interrotto solo dal richiamo lontano di una civetta, antiche e favolose leggende si accendono nel cielo stellato per accompagnare dolcemente il tuo sonno.

La natura entra in camera vostra e al “Relax B and B” tinge di verde le vostre stanze.

Il Giardino:

Il “Relax Bed and Breakfast” è dotato di un ampio giardino delimitato da frondose pareti di querce e odorosi gelsomini.

Qui potrete prendere il sole o ristorarvi all’ombra di una pergola di kiwi.

I tuoi bambini avranno a disposizione tanto spazio verde dove correre, giocare e vivere mille avventure, a contatto con una natura forte e primigenia.

In aggiunta, se prenotate con buon anticipo, è possibile avere una babysitter per i piccoli (il costo orario è molto ragionevole).

A Colazione Con Il Sole:

La colazione a base di cibi semplici, è il momento in cui finalmente ci si siede tutti insieme attorno ad una tavola senza l’assillo dell’orologio.

E’ il momento in cui farete il pieno di energia da spendere in giornate intense ed indimen-ticabili.

Ma se ad un fragrante pane con marmellata aggiungete un raggio di sole macinato o una manciata di spuma marina le vostre giornate saranno davvero magiche.

Sei Stanco?

Allora concediti una pausa per “assorbire” tutto ciò che hai visto prendendo il sole sul prato del giardino della nostra casa e fare una siesta rilassante e riconciliante “con il mondo e con gli uomini” sotto la pergola di kiwi… oppure… abbronzati sdraiato al sole sulla enorme terrazza (150 mq).

Attività Nella Zona:

A due passi dal mare e da Roma…

In pochi minuti potete raggiungere il mare, praticare i vostri sport preferiti (golf a 15 km, equitazione a 10 km, pesca a 7 km, nuoto, trekking e mountain bike).

Inoltre, pensa che in 1 solo giorno è possibile fare una escursione a Firenze - la città del Rinascimento e di Michelangelo - a Napoli, ad Amalfi, a Capri, a Ischia, oppure a Pompei!

Se preferisci non allontanarti troppo, potrai fare una “semplice” lunga e fantastica passeggiata (scarpe comode!) nel Centro storico di Roma per raggiungere alcune tra le più famose piazze, lasciandoti avvolgere dall’atmosfera della dolce vita romana immortalata da Fellini: sarà indimenticabile!

Se aggiungi a tutto questo il cielo azzurro, il calore delle città e l’autenticità dei romani, il morale va alle stelle.Naturalmente siamo disponibili a darti le informazioni necessarie per organizzare percorsi e itinerari a te più adatti.

La zona nella quale si trova il “Relax B and B” offre una infinita possibilità sia di “relax” sia di escursioni.

Ci auguriamo che la lista qui sotto vi aiuterà a pianificare il vostro soggiorno così che potrete beneficiarne al massimo… comunque non dovreste aver paura di rilassarvi e di non far nulla.

  • Golf
  • Pesca
  • Musei
  • Ristoranti
  • Luoghi storici
  • Udienze Papali
  • Tour enologico
  • Calendari eventi
  • Opera, teatro, sport
  • Shopping e mercatini
  • Natura, parchi, panorami
  • Chiese, Vaticano, cattedrali

Dove Siamo:

Il nostro Bed and Breakfast è in una tranquilla vallata verde tra i Castelli Romani e la spiaggia dove sbarcò il mitico eroe troiano Enea.

E’ un piccolo posto speciale, lontano dal traffico e dallo smog, a soli 30 km dal centro di una grande e speciale città: ROMA.

E’ speciale perché potrai, in soli 10 minuti, goderti il mare o i laghi di Albano e di Nemi; visitare Castel Gandolfo, residenza estiva del Papa, o Frascati con le sue antiche ville patrizie.

Aggiungi a questo anche il piacere dell’aroma sprigionato da un semplice pane caldo dei Castelli Romani, o il vino dei vigneti di Castel Gandolfo e le filanti fettuccine all’Alfredo…

Ed ancora: in 30 minuti potrai visitare l’Oasi di Ninfa o l’intatto borgo medievale di Sermoneta.

“Relax Bed and Breakfast” è ubicato nella campagna romana e pertanto è indispensabile essere dotati di un’automobile.

Distanze approssimative da:

  • Roma (GRA ) 30 km
  • Aeroporto intercontinentale di Fiumicino 65 km
  • Stazione ferroviaria (Campoleone) 8 km
  • Spiaggia (Ardea) 12 km
  • Lago Castelgandolfo (residenza estiva del Papa) 25 km
  • Firenze 200 km
  • Milano 500 km
  • Napoli 200 km

The Details

Relax Bed and Breakfast
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Web Page:  Yes


Languages Spoken:  English, French, Italian


Types of Breakfasts:   Continental

Special Meals Available:  No


Room Types:  Rooms


Private Bathrooms:  Yes

Handicap Accessible:  No

Smoking:  No - smoking is permitted on the balcony or in the garden

Consumption of Alcohol:  Yes

Children:  Yes

Pets:  No


Amenities/Features:  Fridge, Tea & Coffee Making Facilities


Nearby Activities:  Bicycling, Mountain Biking, Golfing, Horseback Riding, Fishing, Surfing, Water Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Hang Gliding, Sky Diving, Parasailing, Sailing, Windsurfing, Scuba Diving, Shopping, Dancing, Sight Seeing, Historical Places, Museums, Castles, Botanical Gardens, Farmers Market, Arts & Craft Fairs


Suitable For:  Pleasure, Relaxation, Family, Spiritual, Groups, Anniversaries, Honeymoons, Romance, Cultural Experience


Near To:  Beach, Ocean, Lakes, Rivers, Wine Country, Ranches, Mountains, Hot Springs, Forests, Countryside, Nature & Parks


Sunsets:  Yes
Sunrises:  Yes
Open:  All Year


Additional Comments: 

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