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   Tikal Hotel La Casa De Don David   

Tikal Hotel La Casa De Don David

El Remate
Flores, Peten District
Guatemala  75961
Architectural Type: Hotel
Established In:  1980
Renovated In:  2002
Phone: 502-306-2190
Fax:  502-926-0807
Mobile:  502-306-2190
Contact:  David KUHN
 Send An Email:
Single Occupant Rate Is: $16
Double Occupant Rate Is: $20 - 2 per room;  $23 - 3 per room
$26 - 4 per room;  $29 - 5 per room
$30 - 2 per room + hot water
Children under 4 are free
Additional Occupant Rate Is: $3 per person after 5 people
Accepted Payments: Cash, MasterCard, Money Orders, Travellers Cheques
Deposit Amount Requested: 1 night's tariff
Minimum Stay Is: 1 night
Check In Time Is: As arranged
Check Out Time Is: As arranged, generally before 12 Noon
Cancellation Policy: Cancellation notice is needed by 4 PM the day of the reservation to get a refund.

Tikal visitors looking for hotels should stop at "Tikal Hotel La Casa De Don David" in El Remate. We welcome your visit.

Secluded in its own jungle garden on Lake Peten Itza, this beautiful hotel is less than 15 minutes from the entrance to Tikal Park and 25 minutes from Flores.

Don David, with his 25 years living in Peten, has lots of helpful information. We can offer great tips on how to get the most from your day in Tikal or on trips to remote areas, etc.

We provide laundry service, cash traveler checks, have bus service to Tikal, Flores, and also to Guatemala City, Palenque (Chiapas, Mexico), Rio Dulce (Oaxaca, Mexico), Coban, Belize, and Chetumal (Quintana Roo, Mexico).

The grounds are lush and walkways are of beautifully laid native rock.

We accept traveler's checks, Guatemala, Belize and U.S. money. We are located along the lake in the village of El Remate right on the road to Tikal. Collective Minibus Services pick up and return from the front of the hotel. Most people find our prices low and a great value.

We hope you come and stay with us. If you arrive without a reservation and we are full, we will help you find another acceptable place.


The hotel is a wonderful place to base your Tikal vacation activities. It is located in the village of El Remate, between Flores and Tikal. We are very close to a number of important Mayan ruins. The most famous of these Mayans ruins is Tikal but we are also close to Yaxha, Nakun, Uaxactun, Zotz, Motul and Ceibal. If you enjoy pyramids, archaeology and ancient cultures then you will find our location most interesting.

Also, within 30 minutes are: El Retiro sanctuary & snake exhibits, the Sky Way (swinging bridges, jungle walks), the Canopy Tour, Petencito Zoo, & Actun-Can caves.

There are a number of ecologically oriented hiking trails and others points of interest within easy walking distance or a 10 minute ride.

We offer many tours to many of the Mayan Ruins in the Peten District and offer many activities in the area. In addition to all local tours in the El Remate/Flores area, we arrange the following for:

  • Mirador
  • Rio Azul
  • El Retiro
  • Bats Tour
  • Tikal Ruins
  • Zots Ruins
  • Macaw Trail
  • Ciebal Ruins
  • Rio San Pedro
  • Uaxactún Ruins
  • Uaxactún Ruins
  • Lake Peten Itza
  • Jungle and Lake


Our clean and modern bungalows and rooms have fans (none of the rooms are air conditioned), double beds, and tile baths. Most have hot water. In total, we have 15 rooms and unfortunately, none of our rooms have TV but this is part of the experience and reality of visiting Guatemala.

The hotel rooms are large, well cared for and most have a view of the lake. Each hotel room has a private bath and fan with a veranda sitting area.

The water is clean and filtered. Our guests say food is excellent and well worth the stop even if you cannot spend the night.

In the U.S. our hotel would be called a motel, cabin or guest house. There is also a bed and breakfast plan which you can ask about.

Come visit our bed and breakfast, stay in our guest house or bungalows and see how a nice vacation can be. We are not a typical hotel. We sincerely care about our guests, our village, the people of ourvillage, the environment, the Mayan culture and ensuring all have a safe and wonderful visit to Guatemala regardless of whether you are a paying guest or just a traveller passing by.


The restaurant has a great view of the lake and the lush vegetable and fruit gardens that make up the hotel grounds. Both local dishes and international foods are served.

Our restaurant offers home style meals at extremely reasonable prices. If you are staying in the area or just passing, we welcome your visit. Breakfast and lunch is served from 6:30 AM to 4:00 PM, dinner is served at 7:00 PM (rest with reservations).

Tikal hotel lunches are packed every day so you can travel and visit the Mayan ruins without going hungry! We also have a dinner special every night. The restaurant closes at 9:00 PM.

Tourist Information:

There are Belize Tourism Information, Guatemala Tourist Information, Peten Information, and information on other areas, offering maps and information about area tourist attractions in San Ignacio, Belize, Mexico, Palenque, Coban, Rio Dulce, Antigua, Guatemala, Copan, Honduras, and Hotels in many areas.

We have a large variety of guidebooks on Central America and Mexico for your reading. There is an almost complete laminated collection of the past articles of the National Geographic about the Maya and other interesting articles about Central America and Guatemala. Just stop in and check.

We probably have something to interest you, even if it is just a piece of Rosita's cheese cake or a glass of fresh lemonade!

About The Village of El Remate:

El Remate is a small village of 200 families located on the east end of Lake Peten Itza, 30 kilometers from Flores, Peten, Guatemala. Its famous for woodcarving and this area has the largest variety of hard woods in Latin America.

Since its location is on the road to Tikal ruins, it is now turning in to a destination for tourists, especially for those who want to avoid the congestion of Flores area, and enjoy a small village atmosphere.

Most facilities have running water (which comes from the lake and is not treated). Four years ago electricity arrived from Flores. Although power outages are common (lasting approximately 2 - 3 hours). Most places have no backup generators.

Since all transportation en route to Tikal passes by El Remate, it is easy to travel by bus or taxi to/from Tikal, Flores, etc. Tourist buses from Chetumal, Mexico & Belize arrive and depart from El Remate twice daily. Coming from Guatemala City, there are first class buses (almost hourly) and several flights arriving in Flores daily. Also there are flights from Cancun and Palenque, Mexico and Belize City.

There are 14 or more different places to stay in El Remate. A nice room with bath will cost from $20 - $70 double, and camping is available from $2 - $6 per person. There are a few places that call themselves hotels when in fact, they are really are not what a westerner would expect a hotel to be. Therefore, should you decide to stay elsewhere, when making reservations be sure to ask and understand clearly what you are getting, since here, as in other areas of Latin America, a place to stay may be called a hotel or bungalow, and may actually be a thatch roof with makeshift beds, with no windows or doors or walls. Even a nice camp site may be called a hotel, with only half-walls, a roof and a locker. Just make sure you ask if you have locking doors before you reserve.

You will find El Remate a pleasant alternative to the congested Flores/Santa Elena area. The village of El Remate is just beginning to grow into an attractive tourist area making it an ideal place to base your vacation time in the area. It is about 25 minutes from Flores, en route to Tikal.

The bus stops directly in front of the hotel. A police sub station has recently been added to the village for additional security. Most phones are cellular and not always reliable. Beginning in late summer of 2003 the area is expected to have full telephone service with internet access. At present the only hotel that has internet for their guests is La Casa De Don David. Several hotels currently have cellular service for use. Some hotels accept traveler's checks or U.S. cash. Be sure to shop for a good exchange rate.

We here at La Casa De Don David will help you in any way possible, anytime upon your arrival, just ask. We believe in sustainable tourism and if we are to reach this goal... it's necessary to get local people more involved in earning a living from tourism rather than slash & burn agriculture.

The name El Remate comes from its meaning... the end. Before there were roads and vehicles in this area, if you were leaving Flores going to Tikal or in route to the coast in Belize you took a canoe to "el remate" meaning the end (of the lake) and the easy ride. Continuing to Tikal meant walking through thick jungle trails or if continuing to Belize you walked to the next lake, take another canoe to end of the lake and walk again until you've crossed several lakes and arrive to the Mopan River which took you to Belize coast.

Bird Watching:

If you enjoy birding, then you will be happy to know that birding is good right on the grounds!

Furthermore, although some other parks in Central America are better organized, none offer more for bird watchers than Tikal National Park. It is no doubt one of the best parks in Central America for bird watching. Even Costa Rica or Belize National Parks do not surpass the varieties of birds seen in the Guatemala Peten area.

Many places have good birding and it also is good along the roads. In El Remate especially look along the road to Biotopo Cerro Cahui Park. There are free bicycles at the hotel. Certain hours everyday the Orapendala montezuma can be seen within the hotel garden. Especially when the bananas are ripe. A list of birds seen in the area is posted in the hotel information center.

Horseback Riding, Jungle Trips and Swimming:

Horses and guides are available that will pick you up at the front door. A number of interesting horseback rides are easily accessible through some of the nearby trails. One takes you to the top of a nearby mountain for a great view of the lake and sunset. You can take jungle trips on foot as well into the jungle rainforest areas. There are local guide services and trips can be from two hours to four or five days. Rates are reasonable but please be aware that your guide will probably only speak Spanish.

Jungle walking trips, with a guide, are another option. Some guides may speak English and can take you to very remote areas. The guides explain local customs and all about the rainforest and the useful trees and plants. Especially the medicine plants. We here at La Casa De Don David offer most of these trips and will help arrange any others. We can also arrange any of the Ecomaya trips. Ecomaya offers many trips in the Peten area.

Swimming is great just 200 meters from the hotel. It is best to swim from a dock and all docks are public in El Remate. The water is clear and clean and never cold. At the Biotopo park there is a good dock and you don't pay the park entrance fee to swim. Kayaks and canoes, even dug-out canoes are for rent from local residents along the way. The beach is generally not good since the bottom of the lake is white mud and rocks. There are no sandy beaches.

Lake Peten Itza has more than 100 square kilometers of water and its surroundings are still sparsely populated. The average water level of Lake Peten Itza is 110 meters above sea level. Recent studies by the University of Florida and University of Minnesota show the lake is over 155 meters deep, makings its floor well below sea level. Probably the deepest and oldest lake in Yucatan peninsula.

Biotopo Cerro Cahui Park:

Just 2 kilometers from El Remate and La Casa De Don David along the lakeshore road. One trail takes you to the top of Cerro Cahui mountain, where there are two high lookout points. Take one of several trails up to the lookout points or "Miradores". You get excellent views of Lake Peten Itza and the nearby lakes of Macanche and Sal Peten. This is a birdwatcher's paradise.

The park is operated by CECON, a branch of the Guatemala's University of San Carlos, and was established for scientific studies. It has more than 10 kilometers of well kept hiking trails. Visitors often see howler and spider monkeys, toucans and many varieties of birds, large butterflies, etc. Birding is common here.

The dock at the entrance of the park is a nice swimming place, with very clear water swimming and a good picnic area. Not a sandy beach.

Security is good in this park. There are tourist police who will accompany you on your jungle walk if you like.

Tourist Police:

You probably have heard or read about armed robberies or other problems in Tikal or other areas of Guatemala. Now, in the areas of Tikal park, El Remate, Cerro Cahuí, Flores and most of Petén, there are many new tourist police. They are trained to assist and protect tourists. Please feel free to ask for their help, and thank them.

We recommend that in the unfortunate experience of being robbed, don’t run or fight. And please remember: statistics show that over 99.5% of tourists visiting the country of Guatemala have a pleasant trip with no incidents.

After our first year of having tourist police in the area, we know of only two reports of robberies affecting tourists in the area. Both were non-violent and over 40 kilometers away from El Remate. We think its shear bad luck if you have problems.


By Air:

There are daily flights from Guatemala City, Cancun, and Belize.

From Guatemala City:

Its 560 kilometers or a 7 hour drive to El Remate. If you haven't traveled in Latin America it's probably best to fly. There are several flight daily, the most in the early morning.

When arriving by air, contact the Martsam Travel Booth in the air port (first counter on the right as you exit customs). They will bring you to La Casa De Don David. The price is very reasonable but check with us before departing so we can give you the most current fee for this service.

Or the hotel will send a taxis for about the same if you request. If not traveling with much luggage, you can catch local busses on the main road in front of the airport (about one hundred yards).

We can provide additional directions if you need them.

The Details

Tikal Hotel La Casa De Don David
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Web Page:  Yes


Languages Spoken:  English, Spanish


Types of Breakfasts:  Not included in room charge, full menu available for each meal

Special Meals Available:  Yes


Room Types:  Rooms


Private Bathrooms:  Yes

Handicap Accessible:  No

Smoking:  Yes

Consumption of Alcohol:  Yes

Children:  Yes

Pets:  Yes


Amenities/Features:  Garden


Nearby Activities:  Bicycling, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding, Fishing, Whitewater Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting, Bird Watching, Wildlife Viewing, Shopping, Sight Seeing, Historical Places, Museums, Botanical Gardens, Farmers Market, Arts & Craft Fairs


Suitable For:  Pleasure, Relaxation, Business, Family, Spiritual, Groups, Honeymoons, Romance, Cultural Experience, Gay/Lesbians


Near To:  Lakes, Rivers, Orchards, Ranches, Mountains, Caves, Jungles, Forests, Countryside, Nature & Parks, Waterfalls, Wildlife Sanctuaries


Sunsets:  Yes
Wildlife:  Yes
Foliage:  Yes
Open:  All Year


Additional Comments: 

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