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   Haus am Zeiberberg   

Haus am Zeiberberg

Krechelheimerstr. 60
Sinzig, Rheinland Pfalz
Germany  53489
Architectural Type:  German Style
Established In:  1994
Renovated In:  2006
Phone: +49 (0)2642-42183
VoIP:  508-718-5535
Fax:  +49 (0)2642-409044
Contact:  Margaret RIEDEMANN
 Send An Email:
Single Occupant Rate Is: €40 for 1 or 2 nights
€35 for 3 nights or more
€30 per night for single room (with bathroom in floor)
Double Occupant Rate Is: €60 for 1 or 2 nights or €55 for 3 nights in standard room
€65 for 1 or 2 nights or €60 for 3 nights in Queensland room with ensuite or room with terrace
€75 for 1 or 2 nights or €70 for 3 nights in apartment (handicap accessible)
Additional Occupant Rate Is: €25 for double room
€30 for room with terrace or Queensland Room
€30 for apartment (handicap accessible)
€14 for children under 15 with parents in room
Twin Occupant Rate Is: Same as a double room
Accepted Payments: Cash, Visa, MasterCard
Deposit Amount Requested: None
Minimum Stay Is: 1 night
Check In Time Is: 2 PM
Check Out Time Is: 10 AM
Cancellation Policy: 30 days, 10% of price. 15 days, 50% of price. 3 days, 75% of price. Non arrival, 80% of price.

Welcome... Bienvenue... Welkom... Willkommen...

On your arrival at Haus am Zeiberberg you will be welcomed by the Riedemann family who moved to Germany with their 4 children (3 daughters and son) from Australia in 1990.

A stopover at Haus am Zeiberberg offers you a combination of Australian and German hospitality.

Sinzig which is situated on the Rhine River and at the entrance to the Ahr Valley, world famous for it's red wine and very popular with the tourists for it's bike, walking paths and friendly people. Our house is very central to the cities of Bonn, Cologne and Koblenz, also ideal for the business man who is looking for economical accommodation for Fairs/ Expos/Messe which are frequently held in these cities.

The surrounding gardens, terraces (which includes ample seating for large groups), fruit trees and the nearby fields and forests add to its beauty and tranquil atmosphere. When you stay at our house you can taste a combination of Australian and German hospitality. We can help you with your tour planning if necessary. We have an information corner with English brochures.

Your home away from home.

Let us look after you. It will be a pleasure.

Our holiday apartment weekly prices don't include breakfast, but is also available on request. We have newly available a larger apartment which is also suitable for our handicapped guests who are confined to a wheelchair, or for those who prefer a little more comfort.

We are proud to say that we provides guests with a parking area for cars, busses, motorbikes and bicycles.


Every room has W-Lan Internet connection for your convenience.

Single Holiday Apartment:

Room 3, a single room with double pull-out couch if necessary, can accommodate 3 persons. Also has a bathroom, mini kitchen with mini bar, free Sat TV. Bed, bath and kitchen linen, are supplied at no extra cost. Cleaning costs are included in price . This room is on the second floor with a view of Muehlenberg Mountain and to our front garden pergola terrace area.

Three Bed Apartment:

Apartment 1 has separate single room, twin beds in the double room, pine floors, bath, separate kitchen with mini bar, free Sat TV. Bed, bath and kitchen linen, are supplied at no extra cost. Cleaning costs are included in price . This Apartment is on the ground level, is suitable for guests with walking disabilities. It has a view to Muehlenberg Mountain and direct access to our front garden pergola terrace area.

Standard Double Room:

Room 1 is a double room with double/twin beds holidays rooms with bath, small kitchen, coffee machine and with mini bar. Dining and sitting corner which includes free Sat TV. Bed, bath and kitchen linen, are supplied at no extra cost. Cleaning costs are included in price. This room is on the first floor with a view to Muehlenburg mountain and the Pergola Terrace front garden area.

Standard Holiday Room:

Room 4 is a double room also with double/twin beds, double pull-out couch, bathroom, small kitchen with mini bar, coffee machine and toaster, free Sat TV. Bed, bath and kitchen linen, are supplied at no extra cost. Cleaning costs are included in price. This room is on the second floor with a view of our stone garden and surrounding fruit trees.

Room With Terrace:

Room 2 with Terrace is suitable also for families, has double bed which can easily made into twin beds, double pull-out couch, bathroom, small kitchen, coffee machine and mini bar, free Sat TV. Bed, bath and kitchen linen, are supplied at no extra cost. Cleaning costs are included in price. This room is on the first floor, but the terrace opens out onto the stone garden and grill area, encompassed by cherry, apple and pine trees.

Queensland Room with Ensuite:

Our new Queensland Room with Ensuite is furnished in country style with large double bed, Ensuite, free Sat TV, Mini-bar, Coffee and Tea making facilities are available in room. This room is on the second floor with a view of our stone garden and surrounding fruit trees.

Apartment 2 - For Families or Disabled Guests:

We have furnished apartment 2 for our guests with special needs with an eye to detail. It is also suitable for families or for those who like a little luxury . Apartment 2 has a driveway to the door, which has a level surface for easy exit from your vehicle.

Single Rooms:

2 single rooms are available on the second floor, to combine with the Queensland Room which includes use of bathroom if booked for a family. The single rooms have Satellite TV, mini-bar and a tea, coffee and toast making corner.


Biking in the Ahr Valley:

If the Wine God Bacchus had been a cyclist, then he would definitely have made a stopover in the Ahr Valley. It belongs to one of the richest historically traditional regions and is famous for its first class red wine.

On the steep slopes of the Ahr Valley the climate is comparable to that of Spain and Italy. No wonder that a vital Wellness Culture has grown which includes Spa Swimming Pools and other encompassing health program including therapy for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and metabolic disorders, rheumatism, cardiac, circulatory and vascular disorders, with one goal in sight, that of greater enjoyment of life.

Fun with Sports - Fun in Nature - Golf Club:

For enthusiastic golfers, golf links in a picturesque forest setting. Play on the course is restricted to handicap golfers, 36 or better. The 18 hole golf course will be challenging for golfers at all levels.

Nordic Walking:

Nordic Walking is the new trend sport from Finland.

A fitness method that not only enjoyable, but it trains your whole body. You use specially designed walking sticks to reduce unwanted kilos, strengthens your back and protects your heart –effortless and totally without stress. If you are 10 or 80 years old, fat or thin, with the correct technique, and no exertion, you become super fit. With consistent training you can improve your pulse rate to an optimal level, loosen muscle tightness and eradicate neck pain, improves your shoulder, arm and chest muscles.

Relax and enjoy sport and fitness in the Nordic Fitness Park Ahr, Rhine, and Eiffel.

Hiking maps can be obtained in our house, some are free, but the detailed maps have a minimal charge.

More Activities:

  • Swimming, Fishing, Horse Riding
  • Skiing in Winter and Snow Sled rides for the children
  • Canoe trips on the Rhein with our Boot Club in Sinzig
  • Rhein and Mosel Cruises, Paddle Boat Rides on a volcanic lake
  • Covered Wagen Tours with Tractor or Horse Drawn Carriage and Coaches
  • Rock Climbing and abseiling paradise with bridge pillars up to 35 meters high
  • Golf and Mini Golf, Bow and Arrow Club 30-90 Meter distance (Bring your own gear)
  • Bicycle Tours (Rent a Bike), is a Paradise for Bike, Motorbike and Hiking Enthusiasts (Paths, Footpaths, Tracks and Roads through the mountains or along our waterways)
  • Nostalgic Steam Train Rides in the Volcanic Express to the Eifel, or along the Ahr River in the Wine Festival Period of September and October
  • Wine Tasting and Dancing in the Wine Cellar in Mayschoss (Oldest Co-op Cellar in Germany founded 1868)
  • Try your luck in the first Casino to operate in Germany after the 2nd World War

The Green Hell:

Drive, ride or hike around Germany's most famous race track: The Nürburgring.

Know it? Well, if not, here are some clues:

  • Nürburgring is a race track.
  • Nürburgring is a public toll road.
  • Nürburgring is a testing center for new cars.
  • Nürburgring is a strip of asphalt where you can drive a 13 mile lap in your car at racing speed for a mere 15 Euros.
  • Jackie Stewart called the Nürburgring "The Green Hell."

Germany's Nurburgring opened on June 18th, 1927, as The Nürburg-Ring, a 14 mile twisty devil of a race track. It had 172 corners then, too many for a driver to remember the exact racing line through all of them. Meaning, of course, that the best racing driver could pull off amazing feats of showmanship--if he was brave enough.

Take Juan Manual Fangio, for example. Loosing the lead after a horrendous pit stop near the end of the 1957 German Grand Prix, he managed to break the lap record by 12 seconds on three consecutive laps to take over the lead and win the race.

He quit racing a year later, as if he had reached the pinnacle and there was nowhere else to go, "I believe that on that day in 1957 I finally managed to master the Nürburgring, making those leaps in the dark on those curves where I had never before had the courage to push things so far." There is likely to never be another race track like The Nürburgring again.

What you can do at The Nürburgring on your European Vacation... In a word, "lots." Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Drive a lap of The Nuerburgring in your car for 15 Euros (5, 6, 12, 24 lap tickets available)
  • Get driven around Nuerburgring at speed by a pro in the BMW Taxi (or "taxi through the green hell" if you need that sickness bag). You can fit up to three people in the BMW for 175 Euros. This is a popular ride. People reserve up to a year in advance.
  • There is even hiking around the Nurburgring.

How to get to The Nürburgring:

From Haus am Zeiberberg it is only 45 Km and a 39 minute drive to the Ring over Highway 61, direction to Koblenz and you take the exit Wehr which will take you direct to the Ring Driving the portion of the track you're allowed to drive (it's not the F1 circuit) probably isn't for everyone. But if you like speed, you might want to do something few ever think of doing on their vacations. What's driving the Nurburgring like? There is only one way to find out ... drive it yourself!


  • Red Wine Valley
  • Romantic Castles
  • Rhein, Ahr and Eifel
  • Cities over 2000 years old
  • Romantic Castles on Rhein and Mosel
  • Geological routes (See our Information Maria Laach)
  • Siebengebirge (Mountains of the central Rhein Valley
  • Naturally heated spa swimming pools. (Thermal Region) or (Fttness and Wellness Area)
  • Volcanic Craters created over thousands of years and now a beautiful Lake area in the Eifel
  • Volcanic Park area (Approximately 240 Volcanic craters extending to the border of Belgium
  • Culture eg. Museums, or an old Roman Village originating from the time 200-300 years after Christ
  • Multicultural Restaurants... Taste food from all over the world and save on travelling costs

Festivals and Entertainment:

  • Spring Markets
  • Live Theatre
  • Rhein Promenade Festival
  • Christmas Markets in December
  • Wine Festivals in September and October
  • Rhein in Flammen (Fireworks on the Rhein and Mosel Rivers) (First Saturday in May)

Tourist Sites:

  • Animal and Nature Parks
  • Maria Laach (inactive volcanic lake)
  • Numerous Romantic Castles am Rhein
  • The Dome in Cologne and Trier (Cathedrals)
  • The Bridge of Remagen (Film) (Museum of Peace)
  • Memorial Cemetery for Soldiers who died in the War
  • Rhein and Mosel Rivers, Romervilla (excavated old Roman City)
  • Effelsberg Radio Telescope with diameter of 100 meters. Slide show Tuesday, Wednesday,  Thursday and Saturday)
  • Phantasialand (Fun Park for the young and those who never grow old) 1 April – 31 October

Christmas Markets in Germany:

The magic of a traditional German Christmas is casting more visitors under its spell every year. Historic Christmas Markets, held in cities, towns and villages throughout the country, are becoming increasingly popular, due, no doubt, to the enchanting Festive Season atmosphere they evoke.

The Christmas fairs and markets of Germany are unique. If you're tired of commercialism taking over this holiday period and would like to get right away for a real traditional Christmas you might consider heading to Germany where gifts are not mass-produced but craftwork of real quality. Here you can buy all kinds of Christmas merchandise and gifts, especially traditional things such as crib figurines, toys, wood carvings, marionettes, candles and lambskin shoes. Many are difficult to resist - as will be the glass of delicious mulled wine you are offered and the baked apples that are very welcome on crisp winter days.

The ambience is further enhanced by the aromas of hot chestnuts, grilled sausages and other tasty snacks. Youngsters especially will be attracted to the gingerbread Most Christmas Markets start in the last week of November and run through to Christmas Eve or a day or two before. They are usually open every day from 10 am to about 8 and 9 pm.

Most Christmas Markets start in the last week of November and run through to Christmas Eve or a day or two before. They are usually open every day from 10 am to about 8 and 9 pm. Please note that the fifth Sunday before Christmas is 'All Souls Day, a Remembrance Day in Germany. For many German cities (mainly Catholic areas) this day is a public holiday with many attractions closing. Christmas markets may also be affected. As the decision is usually made at short notice, we advise you to contact the local tourist office to check if the market will be affected.

History of the Christmas Markets:

Christmas Markets in Germany are a feast for the senses. Roasted chestnuts, gingerbread, almonds and mulled wine. Small wooden stalls filled with colourful toys and Christmas decorations of all types and kinds. And once it gets dark and everything is festively lit, the markets are truly at their best. There is a kind of magic in the air and you can feel, yes, Christmas is drawing near.

Christmas Markets are an important German Christmas tradition. In former times a town's or city's Christmas Market was in general just one of many markets that were held throughout the year. Back then markets had been major events to look forward to. It was a welcome change and interruption of everyday life and there was so much to do, to see and to buy. The Christmas Market was traditionally the place to go to in order to buy all the things needed for the Christmas celebration. It was here were people bought moulds and cutters for baking, candles, Christmas decorations, cookies, sweets and pastries and of course, toys for the children. But there were also clothes, fabrics and shoes as well as books, calendars and perfumes for sale since all of these were popular gifts too.

Usually the Christmas Market would take place around the main church. This way the market attracted many visitors due to its central location as well as due to the fact that the church-goers would have to pass the market. And they really liked to look around the market and buy many a gift or sweet. So it does not really come as a surprise that a parish priest in Nuremberg complained in the year 1616 that the afternoon service on Christmas Eve did not take place since nobody showed up for the service. Instead, everybody was out and about buying Christmas presents. Dresden's Christmas Market is considered Germany's oldest Christmas Market. It was first mentioned in a document in 1434 and is thus believed to be even older than Nuremberg's Christmas Market. However, it is not quite certain, when Nuremberg's Market took place for the first time, but the oldest proof of its existence dates back to the year 1628. Among Germany's oldest Christmas Markets are those of Augsburg, Bad Wimpfen, Frankfurt and Rothenburg. These markets originated some time in the 15th century. But also Lübeck, Regensburg and Stuttgart are considered very old and traditional Christmas Markets. They date back to the 17th century.

When Christmas Markets were held for the first time, they were actually often considered winter markets or St. Nicholas markets and only gradually evolved to today's Christmas Markets. Unlike today the markets often lasted for only a day or two. Some markets did not even have any stalls. It is reported that the Christmas Market in Hamelin was originally without any stalls and all goods and merchandise were spread out on the street. Over time each Christmas Market developed in its own characteristic way. In the past it was common that only local traders and merchants were allowed to sell their products on the Christmas Market. And so each market had slightly different features and was known for different specialties. Aachen's market is still known for its famous gingerbread "Aachener Printen". The Christmas Markets in the East German region of the Erzgebirge are known for their excellent wooden arts and crafts. Nuremberg's market is famous for its gingerbread, gold foil angels and prune men and Dresden for its Stollen (a Christmas pastry). But besides local products the markets are also characterized by regional traditions as well as by their unique historic backdrops.

During the past years cities have been putting in extra effort to distinguish their markets from other cities' markets, and thus it is that many German cities nowadays offer real superlatives. The city of Schlitz offers the world's biggest candle. Dortmund has the world's biggest Christmas tree. Osnabrück has the world's biggest music box. Dresden has the world's biggest pyramid with tiers. The competition is likely to continue.

Today almost every town and city seems to have a Christmas Market. Most typically the markets last for about four weeks. However, some markets last for just a day or two, while others last even up to after Christmas Eve. Particularly the main markets draw large crowds of visitors every year. Berlin's market at the Memorial Church attracts most visitors with about 4 million every year. But Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Munich, Dresden and Frankfurt are also visited by millions every Christmas season. Germany's and at the same time Europe's biggest Christmas Market is Stuttgart's market. It is considered one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe. Germany's Christmas Markets have become so popular by now that they have been copied by many nations abroad. And some markets have actually been "exported". Frankfurt's Christmas Market has already taken place in Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh, and Chicago now has a Christmas Market following Nuremberg's concept.

Sinzig and surrounding Christmas Markets:

Most German towns and cities have Christmas markets. The ones in smaller towns are often far less congested and more likely to have more interesting things for sale - such as traditional crafts. The atmosphere is much more congenial as well.

Sinzig, Bad Breisig (Rhein) and other small villages around there have a much more homely feel to them with stalls selling locally produced goods and food. Ahrweiler has a stall selling high quality gifts made and sold by the local school children. Sinzig has the equivalent of the WI stall and Remagen a "Jacobsmarkt".

Guest Comments:

"A wonderful bed and breakfast, the most comfortable beds in any bed and breakfast or hotel we have ever stayed in. Amazing hospitality, by warm welcoming people. An overall good experience."

  • Ruth, Israel

"We loved this bed and breakfast, and particularly our charming hosts! Very friendly, humorous, helpful and professional people."

  • Eric, USA

"This is a great location from which to study the volcanic region of the Eifell and you could not do better for a comfortable apartment and friendly service at at a reasonable price. Margaret and George are justly proud of their house and family and could not be more helpful - an amazing combination of Aussie friendliness and German charm. You will not be disappointed."

  • Peter, UK

"Our family arrived late in Sinzig and was welcomed with open arms at the guesthouse. We really felt at home and returned on our way back to the Netherlands to Haus am Zeiberberg . We can recommend the clean beautiful room to any traveller and found it one of the best guesthouses we ever stayed at."

  • Willem, South Africa

"A great kick-off to visit the land of vineyards and castles, and a stone's throw away from the rivers Ahr, Mosel and Rhein. The Riedemann family has a great big heart: always a good thing when you're so far from home. Well worth a visit."

  • Jennifer, Australia


From Highway A61:

Turn at Dreieck Sinzig, and then again at Sinzig/Remagen. Turn right when you come from the highway, the first village is Löhndorf, the second is Westum. The first street right in Westum, Drosselweg, drive to the end and cross over the street between the playground and the kindergarden, ten a right turn and the next turn left. You drive straight to our house, Haus am Zeiberberg.

B9 From Koblenz:

Turn into Sinzig in the direction Königsfeld, Sinzig/Westum, at the Church a left turn, a 90 degree turn at the RWE bakery to come into Krechelheimer Street, keep left of the school but straight ahead out of town and then turn left to drive to our house.

B9 From Bonn:

Take the second turn into Sinzig and then as above from the Koblenz directions.

By Train:

Guests who travel by train take the train to Sinzig, then with the Taxi to Westum, or by arrangement, we can meet you.


La maison est située dans un endroit calme. C'est une jolie maison dont un mur est decoré d'un blaireau et d'un faisan. La maison possède une terrasse faisant face à un jardin fleuri. Nos hótes qui ont des difficultés à marcher trouveront tout leur comfort. Dans la maison on peut héberger un groupe de 19 personnes au maximum. La maison est repartie en plusieurs appartements. Un terrain de jeu et un endroit pour faire de barbecue sont à votre disposition. Des foréts et des plaines vallonées entournent la maison. A deux pas d'ici vous accueille un centre équestre. Les enfants ont la possibilité d'y passer 10 heures par jours sauf le dimanche. Pendant que les enfants s'amusent les parents pourront aller à la decouverte de Sinzig et de ses alentours charmants, sans oublier le Rhin, L'Ahr, la Moselle et les montagnes de la "Eifel". On organise des excursions en calèche à la demande. Le site de la maison est ideal pour aller à bicyclette et à pieds.

Description pour arriver chez nous en voiture.

Venant de l'autoroute "A61" il faut prendre la sortie "Sinzig/Remagen". Après la sortie vous gardez votre droite, vous passez le village de "Löhndorf" à votre droite. Après de 5 kms environ vous arriverez à "Westum" (quartier de Sinzig) où se trouve notre pension de famille. Arrivés à Westum vous prenez la première rue (Drosselweg à votre droite et vous la suivez. Au bout de la rue vous la traversez et entre le terrain de jeu et le jardin d'enfant vous tenez de nouveau à votre droite, après à votre gauche et voilà vous verrez la maison "Haus am Zeiberberg".

Au cas où vous choisisiez la route national "B9" venant de Koblenz vous prenez la sortie Sinzig/Königsfeld et vous suivez l'indication "Königsfeld" juszu'au panneau indiquant "Westum" et vous tournez à votre droite jusqu'au feu. Après le feu vous tournez à votre gauche (vers "Westum" à peu près 2 kms). Aussitòt que vous voyez l'église vous tournez à votre gauche et vous entrez à votre droite la "Krechelheimer Straße", vous passez l'école à votre droite et au bout de la "Krechelheimer Straße" vous trouvez à votre gauche la pension.

Au cas où vous preniez la route national "B9" venant de Bonn vous prenez la deuxième sortie "Sinzig/Königsfeld" et vous suivez le chemin comme decrit au-dessus.

"Maison agréable, bien tenue,avec une grande chambre, idéale pout se reposer au calme entre 2 visites dans la vallée du Rhin. Mme Riedemann ne parle pas français, mais anglais (avec humour) et accueille ses hôtes avec une grande gentillesse."

  • août 2006


De woning heeft 2 verdiepingen, en staat in een heuvelachtig gedbied met uitzicht op bos en velden. Per kamer is er van keukenblok en badkamer voorzien. Besonderheiten Rustige omgeving, groot terras, en eeen aangepaste woning voor rolstoelgebruikers. In het naburig dorp is er een paardenstal voorzien. Bij mooi weer huifkartochten mogelijk. Wandel - en fietsroutes.

Wegbbeschreibung für die Gäste - Anreise per PKW.

Via A61 Richting Sinzig:

Sinzig/Remagen rechts, door Lohndorf narr Westum, daar eerste straat rechtsaf (Berg Hoch), het kruispunt oversteken, links zie je de school staan, dan eerste straat rechts en volgende links, U ziet dan het bordje "Haus am Zeiberberg" staan

Via B9:

Sinzig volgen richting Löhndorf, eerste dorp is Westum, daar moet je aan de kerk links gaan, bij de Sparkasse rechts, links zie je de school staan, dan eerste straat links en zo kom je bij "Haus am Zeiberberg".

Wegbeschreibung für die Gäste - Anreise per Bahn

Halte Remagen of Sinzig, dan met de taxi tot Westum of eventueel na afspraak door ons af te halten.


Unser Haus, mit freudlichem Anstrich und einem Gemälde von Dachs und Fasan, umgeben von Wald und Feldern, gepflegtem Rasen, Obstbäumen und Gärten lädt Sie zum Verweilen und Entspannen ein. Genießen Sie Ihren Urlaub inmitten von Ahr-Rhein-Eifel und Mosel, oder nutzen Sie unsere Pension Alternative zu teuren Messeunterkünften in Köln, Koblenz oder Bonn.

Ein Stück internationales Flair hat es schon, das Haus am Zeiberberg: Hier spricht man sowohl fließend deutsch als auch englisch ! Und nicht nur Sprachbarrieren sind für uns kein Problem:

Unser Haus ist für Rollstuhlfahrer- und Gehbehinderte bestens geeignet.

Unser Haus ist für Rollstuhlfahrer- und Gehbehinderte bestens geeignet.

Genießen Sie die ruhige Waldrandlage in Nähe eines Reitstalls. Die grosse Sonnenterrasse und der Garten, angrenzend an kilometerweite Felder und Wiesen bieten Platz für Erholung und Abwechslung vom Alltag. Unsere Appartements sind ausreichend groß, um auch Rollstuhlfahrern und Gehbehinderten einen beschwerdefreien Urlaub zu bieten.

"Kompfortabel mit allem drum und dran !"

Unsere Appartements und Zimmer sind mit Radio, SAT-TV, Telefon, Miniküche im Zimmer und Gästebett, sowie Dusche und WC ausgestattet. In unserem Rollstuhl-Appartment befindet sich eine Vollküche mit allem Drum und Dran.

Ein Baby-Reisebett steht zur Verfügung !

Wir bieten Ihnen Fahrrad-, Motorrad- und Autostellplätze. Für unsere kleinen Gäste haben wir einen Kinderspielplatz. Bei schönem Wetter steht Ihnen unser Grillplatz zur Verfügung.

Wir können Gruppen bis 19 Personen aufnehmen.

"Angenehmes Haus, gut geführt mit einem großen Zimmer, ideal um sich zwischen zwei Besuchen im Rheintal in Ruhe zu erholen. Frau Riedemann spricht kein Französisch aber englisch( mit Humor ) und empfängt ihre Gäste mit großer Liebenswürdigkeit."

  • August 2006

The Details

Haus am Zeiberberg
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Check Availability

Web Page:  Yes


Languages Spoken:  English, German


Types of Breakfasts:  A satisfying German breakfast with an Australian touch

Special Meals Available:  No


Room Types:  Rooms, Suites/Rooms, Luxury Rooms


Private Bathrooms:  Yes

Handicap Accessible:  Yes - there are no limitations, parking place in front of the apartment

Smoking:  No - on terraces only please

Consumption of Alcohol:  Yes

Children:  Yes - we welcome all ages, baby cot is available and adult prices begin at 16 years

Pets:  Yes - only in rooms without carpet


Amenities/Features:  BBQ, Kitchen, Satellite TV, Phone


Nearby Activities:  Bicycling, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Golfing, Horseback Riding, Fishing, Downhill Skiing, Bird Watching, Astronomy, Hang Gliding, Hot Air Ballooning, Shopping, Dancing, Sight Seeing, Historical Places, Museums, Castles, Botanical Gardens, Farmers Market, Arts & Craft Fairs


Suitable For:  Pleasure, Relaxation, Business, Family, Groups, Anniversaries, Honeymoons


Near To:  Lakes, Rivers, Wine Country, Orchards, Ranches, Mountains, Hot Springs, Forests, Countryside, Nature & Parks, Volcanoes, Wildlife Sanctuaries


Sunsets:  Yes
Wildlife:  Yes
Foliage:  Yes
Open:  All Year


Additional Comments:  We will help you in planning your tours. Mini-bars in every apartment.

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