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   Pension Schönblick   

Pension Schönblick

Bad Frankenhausen, Thuringia
Germany  D-06567
Architectural Type:  Pension
Phone: +49 (0)3-46-71-710-0
Fax:  +49 (0)3-46-71-71071
Mobile:  +49 (0)171-7756440
Contact:  Manfred BEZ
 Send An Email:
Single Occupant Rate Is: €26
Double Occupant Rate Is: €46
Additional Occupant Rate Is: €15
Accepted Payments: Cash
Deposit Amount Requested: 25%
Minimum Stay Is: 1 - 2 nights
Check In Time Is: Flexible
Check Out Time Is: 12 Noon
Cancellation Policy: None.

Welcome... Willkommen...

Pension Schönblick is a quiet bed & breakfast with a family atmosphere.

Pension Schönblick is located south of the Harz mountain region in the heart of Germany. It is here you will find us in Bad Frankenhausen in the region of Kyffhäuser with its memorial "Kyffhäuser Denkmal".

In German, the word "bad" means spa or bath and so as you might guess, Bad Frankenhausen is home to a popular thermal spa. This is a great place for the whole family. In addition to the spa, you will also find massage, saunas and more.

Our bed and breakfast is situated on the edge of the forest and allows you to enjoy a magnificent view of the little town and the Diamantene Aue.

The house is in quiet location, facing to south on the slope about a 10 to 15 minute to walk to the Panorama Museum and to the town center.

We provide:

  • Access to fax facility
  • Local food and beverages
  • 1 single with shower with bathroom
  • 2 double with shower, washroom and beautiful views to the south
  • 1 suite with bath, washroom, open fire place and lodge which faces south and has a wonderful view

All rooms are equipped with radio, satellite TV and phone.

Children are welcome and there is a swing and garden available for use.

Children from the ages of 0 to 13 stay for free when they are in the same room as their parents.

Panorama Museum:

In the green heart of Germany, in Thuringia, is the small town of Bad Frankenhausen. The town itself is over 1,000 years old!

Located above this historic town is a cylindrical building rising from the picturesque southern slopes of Kyffhäuser Mountain. This building, which is the home of the museum, houses the most spectacular commissions in recent German art history, the monumental painting.

The art contained in the museum was created by Werner Tübke and is extremely impressive. At 14 x 123 m, the dimensions of the painting, its artistic quality, and the uniqueness of the project combine to make the Panorama Museum an extraordinary experience.

For art lovers, this is a museum that is worth the visit.

About Thuringia:

The province of Thuringia is located in what was East Germany. Located next door to the Czech Republic and just above the province of Bavaria, Thuringia is a largely forested province.

The Thuringian Forest, located in the southwest corner of the province provides you with some of the finest walking in Germany.

Weimar is the primary city in Thuringia. In the northwest part of the province is where you will find the Kyffhauser mountains. This region contains many small villages and town and is still largely uninhabited. However, you can find many excellent hiking and nature trails here. The town of Bad Frankenhausen, where Pension Schönblick is located, is small spa town.

About Bad Frankenhausen:

Bad Frankenhausen, formerly known as Frankenhausen is a small town in central Germany. The town is located on the southern slopes of a small wooded mountain range known as the Kyffhauser Mountain.

The town is located approximately 25 miles north of Erfurt, approximately 60 miles west of Leipzig and about 120 miles southwest of Berlin.

Frankenhausen literally means "Frank's House" and as you might guess, the town was first settled by the Franks in the 6th century. The town, now over 1,000 years old was first created in the 9th century. In 952, Frankenhausen was property of Otto I "The Great".

The Hausmannsturm (lookout tower) is the oldest structure remaining in Frankenhausen. It was first recorded in manuscripts in the year of 998. Remnants of the old city wall, common for ancient European villages, still exist. Some buildings constructed in the 17th century are still in use in today. Also, the area still has the remains of the castles of Rothenburg (7th century ) and of Kyffhausen (12th century).

The town changed ownership in the 12th century when the Count of Rothenburg took control. During the 14 and 16 the centuries, various other Counts also had ownership of the town.

The town suffered some bad a few times when fires destroyed the village in 1689, 1759 and on February 15, 1833. As with many other European towns, the town was also destroyed by the bubonic plague in 1348, 1591, 1626, and 1639.

Circa year 1,000, the first in Frankenhausen was built. Today, the church is known as Altstadter Kirche (Old City Church).

In 1215, a Roman Catholic Cistercian nunnery (Klosterkirche) was built by Count Friedrich III. But in the 16th century, this was the area of Germany in which the Protestant Reformation began under Martin Luther which ultimately resulted in the creation of the Lutheran Church.

The convent was subsequently abandoned in 1551 and was then taken over as a Lutheran school in 1552. The church was reconstructed between 1596 - 1598. Unfortunately, it caught on fire and was destroyed in 1689. The current building was constructed in 1690 - 1703 and has a Baroque architectural style.

The church is now known as the Unterkirche. In 1703, Johann Nordt built an organ for the church. In 1804, the first German Music Festival was held in the Unterkirche. This then resulted in other national music festivals being held there in 1810 and 1811. Larger and bigger organs were later created for the church and it eventually became known as the best organ in Thüringen and among the best in Germany. To this day, organ concerts continue in the Unterkirche.

During the Reformation the town was the site of the Battle of Frankenhausen in May, 1525, where the Peasant's Revolt was ended with the defeat by the princes of the peasants led by Thomas Munzer. The revolt was inspired by misinterpretation of Martin Luther's preaching and was denounced by him.

The 1883 tax records for Frankenhausen show that the town was originally named Bärenklau (Bear Claw).

In the early part of the 20th century the name was changed to Bad Frankenhausen, indicating a spa area. In German, bad means "spa" or "bath".


Pension Schönblick eine ruhige Frühstückspension mit persönlicher Atmosphäre.

  • Südlich des Harzes im Herzen von Deutschland in der Kyffhäuserregion befindet sich Bad Frankenhausen
  • Die Pension ist unmittelbar am Waldrand gelegen - genießen Sie einen herrlichen Blick über den Kurort und die Diamantene Aue.
  • Bevorzugte, ruhige Wohnlage am Südhang
  • ca. 15 min Fußweg zum Panorama-Museum und Stadtzentrum
  • 1 Einzelzimmer mit Dusche/WC
  • 2 Doppelzimmer mit Dusche/WC
  • 1 Appartement (Suite) mit Bad/WC, offenem Kamin und Veranda
  • alle Zimmer mit Radio, Sat-TV und separat anrufbarem Telefon
  • beide DZ und Appartement (Suite) in Südlage
  • Kinderfreundlich, mit Schaukel und Liegewiese
  • Kinderermäßigung 0-13 Jahre 100%
  • Einheimische Speisen und Getränke
  • Faxbenutzung

Bad Frankenhausen ist touristisch gut erschlossen und hat eine überdurchschnittlich hohe Sonnenscheindauer. Sollte es doch mal regnen, dann sind hier ein paar Anregungen:


Der zylinderische Gebäudekomlex wurde eigens für das Monumentalgemälde Werner Tübkes erbaut. Das Rundgemälde (1722 m²) entstand in einem knapp 12 jähriger Schaffensprozeß, der die unglaubliche geistige und körperliche Leistung nur erahnen läßt.


Die Kyffhäuser Therme bietet Badespaß für die ganze Familie, so gibt es ein Freizeitbecken mit Wildwasserkanal, Massagedüsen, in der Größe von 135 m², eine 50 m lange Rutsche & Becken, ein Kinderplanschbecken, sowie ein Solebecken drinnen und draußen; eine Saunalandschaft, Massagen, Kosmetik und vieles mehr im Bereich Wellness. Ideal um mal so richtig auszuspannen!


oder unternehmen Sie einen Ausflug nach Weimar, Eisenach (Wartburg) oder in den Harz.

Kirchen, Klöster und Schlösser, Burgen und Museen:

prägen das Bild der Region und lassen Geschichte lebendig werden. Es gibt viel zu sehen und zu erleben, wenn Sie es wollen.

Wir halten eine dicke Mappe mit Vorschlägen:

für Ihre Freizeitgestaltung bereit und geben Ihnen natürlich auch gern persönlich Tipps.

The Details

Pension Schönblick

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Web Page:  Yes


Languages Spoken:  English, German


Types of Breakfasts:  Continental

Special Meals Available:  Yes


Room Types:  Rooms, Suites


Private Bathrooms:  Yes

Handicap Accessible:  No

Smoking:  Yes

Consumption of Alcohol:  Yes

Children:  Yes

Pets:  Yes


Amenities/Features:  BBQ, Satellite TV, TV, Phone, Fireplace, Hot Tub, Sundeck, Garden, Beverage Tray


Nearby Activities:  Bicycling, Shopping, Sight Seeing, Historical Places, Museums, Castles


Suitable For:  Pleasure, Relaxation, Business, Family, Spiritual, Groups, Anniversaries, Honeymoons, Romance, Cultural Experience, Gay/Lesbians


Near To:  Wine Country, Orchards, Mountains, Caves, Hot Springs, Forests, Countryside, Nature & Parks, Canyons


Sunsets:  Yes
Sunrises:  Yes
Foliage:  Yes
Open:  All Year


Additional Comments: 

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