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   Kirsten's Bed & Breakfast   

Kirsten's Bed & Breakfast

Malmbergsvej 79, Gl.Holte
Denmark  2850 Nærum
Architectural Type: Undetached 1 Family House
Phone: +45 45801942 Contact:  Kirsten MARIJNISSEN
 Send An Email:
Single Occupant Rate Is: DKR 200; DKR 25 extra if staying only 1 night
Double Occupant Rate Is: DKR 300; DKR 50 extra if staying only 1 night
Additional Occupant Rate Is: DKR 225
Twin Occupant Rate Is: Same as double
Accepted Payments: Cash
Deposit Amount Requested: None
Minimum Stay Is: 1 night
Check In Time Is: By appointment
Check Out Time Is: Before 12 Noon
Cancellation Policy: Please provide at least 1 week's notice.

Come and enjoy the homeliness of a private home located in a quiet suburb of Copenhagen.

The house is pretty with a nice garden and beautiful environments.

Located in the suburb of Gammel Hotle (Gl. Holte) which is only 17 kilometers (10 miles) north of downtown Copenhagen, you will experience wonderful Danish hospitality and easy access to all the sights and attractions that Copenhagen has to offer.

Copenhagen has excellent public transportation allowing you to easily and quickly arrive in downtown Copenhagen. For those coming from North America, you will be absolutely amazed at the quality of our public transit. Our public transportation is well organized, quick and extremely efficient as well as affordable.

Our public transportation system allows you to easily and effortlessly travel into downtown Copenhagen, explore the sites, visit the attractions and then return at night time.

Our location also makes an ideal starting point for travellers that are wanting to visit other parts of Denmark or other Scandinavia countries. In fact, Sweden is just a short 30 minute drive from our location.

For those driving, there is free parking available. You can easily find us too.

Sights and Attractions:

Copenhagen has many wonderful, historical and interesting sites and attractions to see. Many of the attractions are no further than 30 minutes away from our location!

Some of the many sites and attractions include:

  • The Little Mermaid
  • Frederiksborg Castle
  • Nyhavn (old Copenhagen)
  • Viking Ship museum in Roskilde
  • Kronborg in Elsinor (the castle of Hamlet)
  • The home of Karen Blixen (now a museum)
  • Louisianna (the well known museum for modern art)
  • Fredensborg Castle (the summer resident of the queen)
  • Roskilde Cathedral where all the kings & queens are buried

Here are some descriptions of only a few of the many places and sites you can visit:


The original harbour of Copenhagen is known as Nyhavn and dates back to the 12th century. Copenhagen was originally known as "Haven".

Nyhavn has a very unique atmosphere and although there are no more Viking ships using the canal, there are many old sailing vessels and tour boats. In addition, the buildings see in Nyhavn are amazing to see.

Hygge is a Danish term. It means to relax and to to stop worrying... to simply enjoy life. When in Nyhavn, this is how Danish people and so will you.

Most people walk up and down the walkway while simply enjoying the people they meet. When the weather is good, this is the place Danes go to socialize.

Nyhavn is both a historically rich site and one of the most relaxing places you will ever go to in your life. It's quite common for people in Denmark to enjoy a bottle of beer on the street. You will see people walking or sitting with a beer. This is all part of the Hygge attitude and approach to life. So when you are in Copenhagen, make sure you come to Nyhavn and have fun, relax, enjoy the weather and soak in the atmosphere.

Frederiksborg Castle:

Frederiksborg Castle dates back to the 16th. century. It was King Frederik II, who in 1560, took over the manor "Hillerødsholm", and turned it into a hunting seat.

As a result of this, the neighbouring village of Hillerød began to grow. Then, in 1599 King Christian IV began the construction of Frederiksborg Castle. The castle, at this time was built in Dutch renaissance style and was completed in 1615.

There are three parts to the castle which as the medieval part, the hunting part and the renaissance part. All three of which are built on three small islands. You will also find the audience hall plus the "coin gate" and the large gate tower.

In 1859, the castle caught on fire and was then restored through private means as at this time, the castle was not important to the royal family. It was because of this restoration that the castle became a national museum. What happened was the Carlsberg Foundation helped pay for the restoration. This is was established by brewer J. C. Jacobsen (Carlsberg Breweries) on the condition that the castle was turned into a national museum.

In 1885, after a successful restoration, the castle was re-opened as a museum. Today it is the national portrait gallery. You will find paintings of the royal members of family since the 16th century. In addition, there are painting of great Danish personalities. Of course, there is also a lot of history and historical items..

When you visit Frederiksborg Castle, make sure you visit the castle chapel. Here you find a gallery of coats of arms and the famous Compenius organ from 1610.

The Little Mermaid:

The Little Mermaid was sculpted by Edvard Erichsen but was donated as a gift to the city of Copenhagen by brewer Carl Jacobsen (The Carlsberg Breweries). The mermaid was at unveiled at Langelinje in 1913.

Originally, in 1909, the mermaid was meant to be a statue of dancer Ellen Price of Fini Henriques' ballet "The Little Mermaid". Although she was flattered by such a request, she didn't feel comfortable posing in the nude. So the sculptor's wife stepped in as the model. On September 14, 1912, the statue was first test positioned at its location, and on August 23, 1913, it was placed at its location permanently.


Tivoli was created by a man named Carstensen on the edge of old Copenhagen's fortification in 1843. Since its opening in 1843, over 280 million people have visited Tivoli Gardens.

Tivoli is a garden with literally thousands of many beautiful flowers. This includes tulips, trees and more. Most people go to Tivoli twice... once during the day for the flowers and once at night time for the light displays.

Amalienborg and the Royal Guard:

The winter residence of the Danish Royal Family is Amalienborg.

The Royal Guard, an elite force of the Danish Army, has as its main purpose to protect the Queen. Every day at noon, the guard replacement marches into the square and commences the change of the guard.

Although the guards change every 2 hours, the best time is at noon and that's when most tourists visit the palace. The guards, just as with their British counterparts, are under orders to not talk to tourists.

Believe it or not, but most of the uniforms worn by the guardsmen date back to the middle of the 18th century! It is, for the most part, the original equipment from this time. Everything has been well taken care of, tended to and cared for by each soldier.

The Details

Kirsten's Bed & Breakfast
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Web Page:  No


Languages Spoken:  English, Danish, Dutch, some French


Types of Breakfasts: English and Continental

Special Meals Available:  Yes


Room Types:  Rooms


Private Bathrooms:  No

Handicap Accessible:  No

Smoking:  Yes - no smoking in the bedrooms please

Consumption of Alcohol:  Yes

Children:  Yes

Pets:  Yes - well behaved pets are welcome


Amenities/Features:  Garden


Nearby Activities:  Bicycling, Golfing, Horseback Riding, Fishing, Sailing, Sight Seeing, Historical Places, Museums, Castles, Botanical Gardens, Arts & Craft Fairs


Suitable For:  Pleasure, Relaxation, Family, Cultural Experience


Near To:  Beach, Ocean, Lakes, Ranches, Forests, Countryside, Nature & Parks


Open:  All Year


Additional Comments: 

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