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   Aarhus V Bed & Breakfast   

Aarhus V Bed & Breakfast

Langdalsvej 23
Brabrand, Jutland
Denmark  8220
Phone: +45 (0)8698-9510 Contact:  Karin RYBERG
 Send An Email:
Single Occupant Rate Is: 290 DKK
Double Occupant Rate Is: 350 DKK, 450 DKK (family)
Additional Occupant Rate Is: DKK 120 (only family room)
Accepted Payments: Cash
Deposit Amount Requested: None
Minimum Stay Is: 2 nights
Check In Time Is: Flexible
Check Out Time Is: Flexible
Cancellation Policy: Please provide at least 3 days notice.

Welcome to Aarhus V Bed & Breakfast, situated in eastern region of Jutland in Denmark.

Aarhus V Bed & Breakfast is located in Brabrand, a quaint and interesting town. The town of Brabrand is actually part of the municipality of Aarhus (Århus). Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark.

From our house, the city center of Aarhus is only about 5 minutes away by bus or car. There is a bus that goes directly from our house to the city center. The city center is only 6 kilometers from our home and so it is within walking distance for those that want some exercise.

We are only 1 kilometer from the astonishingly beautiful Brabrand Lake, which is a site to see in the spring and early summer when wild flowers are blooming.

In terms of location, we are only 2 kilometers from the Motorway E45. The E45 is a very convenient motorway as it allows you to drive south to Germany or to northern towns in Denmark like Alborg (Ålborg) and Frederikshavn to name two.

The E45 also connects to the Motorway E20 which gives you easy access to cities like Odense, Slagelse, Koge (Køge), Soro (Sorø) and Copenhagen (Cøpenhagen). From Copenhagen, you can take the E20 into Sweden if you want.

At Aarhus Bed & Breakfast, we provide you with a comfortable double room or family room, warm hospitality and a real Danish cultural experience.

We extend a warm welcome to all travellers from around the world. We look forward to having you as a guest in this most beautiful part of Denmark.

About Aarhus:

Aarhus is one of the oldest cities within Denmark. Originally, Aarhus was a trading area during the days of the Vikings.

Aarhus was chosen as the trading area because is was located at the mouth of a river, making it both easy to access and a good location for fishing. In fact, it was during the middle ages that the city was known as "Aros". This means "the mouth of the river". Over time, the name evolved into Årehuse. From, here the city's name transformed into its current name of Aarhus.

In its infancy, circa 800 AD, Aarhus was only about ½ square kilometer in size. Today, Aarhus is the biggest little city in the world and contains more than 75,000 buildings, covers an area of about 500 square kilometers and has about 285,000 people living within its municipality.

Aarhus is a green city both in terms of its natural beauty and its emphasis on environmental concerns. In Aarhus, a priority is given to pedestrian streets, squares, parks, cyclists and public transport. Aarhus is pleasantly surrounded by an attractive environment, a gift from Mother Nature.

The Countryside:

When staying at Aarhus Bed & Breakfast, the countryside is both your next door neighbour and friend. While staying with us, you can enjoy the countryside in the Marselisborg, Fløjstrup or Riis Woods.

For some pleasant exercise, you can stroll or jog along the Brabrand Path. Here you will see an abundance of various birds on and around Brabrand Lake.

Take a break in one of the city's green areas at the University Park, the Memorial Park near the delightful Marselisborg Palace – the summer residence of the Queen of Denmark – or the captivating and exotic Botanical Gardens next to The Old Town.

For the bold and hardy, take a refreshing dip in Århus Bay, where brave individuals actually swim all year round. For the less brave, take a boat ride through one of the many marinas.

Aarhus - The City of Vikings:

At the Moesgård Museum you can learn about Vikings. There is a reconstructed wooden church which is a replica of one of the first small wooden churches in Denmark. This dates back to the late Viking Age. There are also reconstructed Viking houses.

You can also meet the Vikings in their everyday life at the large Viking Moot which is held by the Moesgård Museum at the beach in Moesgård every year during the last weekend of July. This is a get together for "Vikings" from Denmark, Scandinavia, and the British Isles where they demonstrate their skills with Viking weaponry, riding, craftwork, early "convenience goods", food and much more. It is a colourful and fascinating event where you can walk around and see, smell, taste and purchase the various goods - making you feel that you are back in a different era.

You can also acquire jewelry as worn by the Vikings. The shop Museums Kopi Smykker in the street of Kannikegade, in cooperation with Danish and foreign museums, makes exact replicas of ancient and Viking jewelry made from bronze, silver and gold.

Sights To See:

Aarhus Cathedral:

The construction of Aarhus Cathedral began around 1200 AD. Bishop Peder Vognsen played an instrumental role in getting the construction of the cathedral started. Aarhus Cathedral is one of the oldest redbrick buildings in Jutland.

Originally, the church was built in Romanesque style and was completed circa 1300. Unfortunately, in 1330 the church burned down. The church went unused until about 1400. By this time, the Gothic style had reached Denmark. It was at this time, the reconstruction of the church began but in Gothic style. The reconstruction was completed circa 1500. The church you see today is the church as it was back in 1500.

At 93 metres long, Aarhus Cathedral is the longest church in Denmark. The height of the church is also 93 metres. It can seat approximately 1200 people. Aarhus Cathedral is dedicated to St. Clement, the patron saint of sailors.

Botanical Garden:

The Botanical Garden in Århus is a great place to simply walk around and enjoy the plants and flowers. There are also tropical houses allowing you to see plants from all around the world

Marselisborg Forest:

Marselisborg Forest is located near the city, but it actually stretches 7 kilometers past the city along the coast. Here you will find large and old beech trees which are quite unique in Denmark. In the forest, you can see trees that are 200 - 300 years old. The forest is a very popular location for birds to breed.

Marselisborg Palace and Marselisborg Park:

Marselisborg palace is the summer residence of the Royal family. During summer, when the Royal family is in residence at the Palace, the Changing of the Guards by the Life Guards takes place at noon every day. The Palace grounds, including the Queen's rose garden, are open to the public when the royal family is not in residence. In the park you can bring a packed lunch, and enjoy it in either the park or in the forest.

The Old Town:

In the Old Town there are 75 historical houses from all over Denmark, 27 living rooms, chambers and kitchens, 34 workshops, 10 merchant houses and shops, 5 gardens, a chemistry, a post office, a custom house, and a school. The toy museum in the Old Town is the largest toy museum in Denmark. The Old Town changes whenever the seasons change. In the middle of June the music museum comes alive, at the beginning of September there are street traders and people dressed from the last century. At Christmas there are a Christmas fair and Christmas exhibitions. The Old Town is open all year but the houses are not open all year.


Legoland originally opened in June, 1968. At that time, Legoland was only 38,000 square meters. Today Legoland is a world famous family attraction with an area of 100,000 square meters. Approximately 1.4 million visitors visit every year! Almost everything in the park is built with Lego bricks including the roller coaster, the pirate area and the town. Lego is a Danish invention. Legoland is situated in Billund which is about 100 kilometers from Aarhus.

The Details

Aarhus V Bed & Breakfast
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Web Page:  No


Languages Spoken:  English, Danish, German


Types of Breakfasts:  Continental

Special Meals Available:  No


Room Types:  Rooms


Private Bathrooms:  No

Handicap Accessible:  No

Smoking:  No

Consumption of Alcohol:  Yes

Children:  Yes

Pets:  No


Amenities/Features:  Satellite TV


Nearby Activities:  Bicycling, Golfing, Horseback Riding, Fishing, Surfing, Bird Watching, Wildlife Viewing, Windsurfing, Shopping, Dancing, Sight Seeing, Historical Places, Museums, Castles, Botanical Gardens, Farmers Market, Arts & Craft Fairs


Suitable For:  Pleasure, Family


Near To:  Beach, Ocean, Countryside


Foliage:  Yes
Open:  All Year


Additional Comments: 

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