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   Urania's Bed and Breakfast   

Urania's Bed and Breakfast

Bocaccio 60. Las Condes
Chile  562
Architectural Type:  Residential House
Established In:  1970
Renovated In:  1997
Phone: +56 (0)2-201-2922
Fax:  +56 (0)2-201-2922
Mobile:  +56 (0)9-456-9766
Contact:  Urania BALUT
 Send An Email:
Single Occupant Rate Is: US $22
Double Occupant Rate Is: US $40
Additional Occupant Rate Is: US $22
Twin Occupant Rate Is: US $44
Accepted Payments: Cash, Euros
Deposit Amount Requested: None
Minimum Stay Is: 1 night
Check In Time Is: 9 AM
Check Out Time Is: 12 Noon
Cancellation Policy: None

Welcome... ¡Bienvenido!...

Urania's Bed and Breakfast is a family house located in the Las Condes area of Santiago, Chile.

Our house is located in a quiet residential area on the eastern side of the city of Santiago.

While staying at Urania's Bed and Breakfast you will enjoy magnificent and beautiful view of the Andes Mountains.

Our location is extremely convenient during the winter season as from our location you have easy access to skiing resorts such as Farellones in Valle Nevado.

You will also find our location very convenient because we are situated near to the bus stop which provides you with excellent transportation to the city center and Santiago's main attractions.

We are also within walking distance of shopping malls such as Alto Las Condes, Apumanque and Parque Arauco. Pueblito de los Dominicos - a unique craft market is also nearby.

Private parking is also available at our house.

We will be happy to assist you with restaurant recommendations, bookings and others things that will make your stay more enjoyable.

Children are always welcome and we look forward to having you as one of our guests.

Airport Pickup:

Upon request, we will have a car pick you up from the airport and take you directly to our house. We charge a small fee for this service. We ask you to contact us in advance to learn what the rate is. The benefit of using this service is that it is safer for you and that you do need to worry about getting lost.

If you want to take advantage of this service then please send us an email so we can arrange the car pick up for you.

Car Rental:

We can help arrange car rental for you that has GPS Satellite Technology. This ensures you will never never be lost again!

About Chile:

Chile is a long and narrow country located on the west side of South America.

Just above Chile is Peru and at 1 o'clock is Bolivia. The rest of the Chilean border is with Argentina to the east. Of course, west of Chile is the Atlantic ocean and below Chile is Antarctica.

Chile is narrowly situated between the Andean mountain range and the Pacific Ocean. This combination provides visitors to this beautiful country with the opportunity to experience a myriad of sights and natural wonders.

Politically, Chile is divided in 12 regions, including the Antarctic territory, plus the metropolitan region.

The official language of Chile is Spanish and its currency the Chilean peso. Chile is a pleasant mix of European and indigenous people. The indigenous traditional way of life is still very much alive in many parts of Chile.

As you would expect in a Latin American country, almost 90% of Chileans are Roman Catholic. This in turn has created some fabulous churches and cathedrals that are beautiful today as when they were first built.

Chile is 4,300 kilometers long but amazingly, only 180 kilometers wide! In this narrow country though you will find some of the most breathtaking scenery you will ever see or find in the world!

Surprisingly, Chile has a variety of climatic conditions. From hot and humid to one of the most arid deserts in the world! In fact, the desert is so dry that astronomers from around the world have built giant telescopes in the Chilean desert for its magnificently clear skies.

As you might guess by now, not only does Chile have on the driest locations in the world, but also one of the wettest ones too!

Chile has been described as being like the Sahara in the north, California in the center, an alpine region in the mid-south and like Norway in the deep south.

Some parts of Chile are just simply amazing. Take Easter Island for example or how about Patagonia. What amazing places these two places are. But in addition, Chile also has Tierra del Fuego located at the very bottom of South America at Cape Horn. Other amazing places in Chile include part of Antarctica and the Atacama Desert.

Chile has some of the best telecommunications anywhere, good infrastructure and health services. The people are friendly, there are excellent tourist services and a total absence of poisonous plants or insects. But most important of all, you Chile is simply a destination that is hard to outclass!


There is so much to see and do in Chile that it is difficult to describe everything.

I like to suggest to my guests that they get a travel guide book to bring with them on their trip and also for planning before they arrive.

Chile is world famous for its stunning beauty and wilderness opportunities, but now, Chile is also famous for its wine!

So regardless of what you like to do on your vacation, Chile provides a little of everything... from culture and history... to relaxation and adventure.

Visiting national parks, exploring glacial lakes by boat, white water rafting, hiking in Patagonia, kayaking and ballooning are just some of the many activities you can enjoy.

Some prefer to explore the Chilean wine route and smaller towns where indigenous cultures still thrive.

Your guidebook will be of immense help in determining what your plans will be. I will also do what I can to help you also.


Urania's Bed and Breakfast es una Casa de Familia chilena, en Las Condes.

Ubicada en el sector Oriente de la ciudad, en un área tranquila y residencial del barrio alto de Santiago; con hermosa vista de la Cordillera de los Andes.

Muy conveniente en invierno por el fácil acceso a los centros de ski (Farellones, Valle Nevado, etc.).

Cercano a restaurantes de comida típica chilena. Estaremos felices de ayudarle, recomendándole lugares, reservas y otros. A pasos de Av. Las Condes, a 7 minutos del metro Escuela Militar, a 30 minutos del centro de Santiago en bus directo. Buena movilización hacia principales atracciones turísticas. Fácil acceso a los malls Alto Las Condes, Apumanque, Parque Arauco y Pueblito de Los Dominicos - centro de artesanía típica. Estacionamiento disponible para un vehículo.

The Details

Urania's Bed and Breakfast
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Web Page:  No


Languages Spoken:  English, Spanish


Types of Breakfasts:  Continental

Special Meals Available:  Yes


Room Types:  Rooms


Private Bathrooms:  No

Handicap Accessible:  No

Smoking:  Yes

Consumption of Alcohol:  No

Children:  Yes

Pets:  No


Amenities/Features:  TV


Nearby Activities:  Bicycling, Golfing, Snow Shoeing, Shopping, Farmers Market


Suitable For:  Pleasure, Relaxation, Business, Family,  Cultural Experience


Near To:  Beach, Ocean, Lakes, Rivers, Wine Country, Mountains, Hot Springs, Countryside, Nature & Parks


Sunsets:  Yes
Sunrises:  Yes
Open:  All Year


Additional Comments: 

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